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Greetings, sugar-covered marshmallow chickens


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I'm one of your most recent new arrivals. I was around for 1.0 but only really stuck around for a week, despite having bought the Collector's Edition and all. More money than sense and little enough of either. But I've returned since ARR looks to be doing things right this time around (in my not-so-humble opinion), enough that I plan to RP this time around.


  • MMORPG background - I started out on MUDs and the like, with my longest running one being Dragonrealms. From there I went on to the graphical sorts: Everquest, Earth & Beyond, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, SW:TOR, The Secret World, and so on. Just to name a few. Honestly, I've probably played practically every MMO that's come out, though rarely did I stick around for very long. City of Heroes was the only one to hold my attention for, what was it, eight years? (Stupid NCSoft)
  • RP experience - I RPed in just about every MUD and MMO I joined, though whether I stuck with it was dependent on how strong the community was. I'm a joiner, not a starter. I also did a lot of pen-and-paper RPGs, but I needed some hand-holding since I've never really been able to wrap my head around some of the more complex systems, like Exalted. And the math, gah.
  • Character ideas/info - I'm still quibbling on my character(s). It's not a lack of ideas, but rather too many. I'm an incurable altoholic, but I want to try to focus on one or two characters to start. That's the plan anyway, no idea how long it will last. The two strongest contenders at the moment are a Roegadyn partially reformed pirate and a Lalafell scholar pursuing an... unusual line of study. I should probably mention that I enjoy giving my characters amusing and/or horrifying quirks.
  • How did you learn about the coalition? - I'd poked at it around 1.0, and a couple times since, but Freelance Wizard steered me this way again. I've only just now registered, however.
  • What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? - Heavy. While I'm not against OOC banter, I like it to be in its own channel or window, with the emphasis on the RP. When the (()) overwhelms the RP, I can get annoyed.
  • Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc) - Well, I'm a gamer, obviously. Between Steam and Gamefly, I have distractions galore. Various other shinies range from books on the Kindle to comic books. I also have my four-legged demon offspring, named Chaos, to tend to. If I go too long without paying him attention or feeding him, I will suffer for it. 

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Welcome to the RPC, please feel free to ask any questions, voice any concerns and make any comments. If you have the time feel free to peruse the Wiki, browse the gallery or just hop right into the forums and get to know everyone!


best of luck and hope to see you in Eorzea.

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Welcome to the community!


Also yeah, screw those NC Soft guys (I was on Virtue 8-)). But, here's looking forward to finding out more about which ever character/characters (who says it has to only be one?) you end up choosing. Quirks can make characters memorable and now that you've said they have horrifying ones, I'm kinda interested...LOL.

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Also yeah, screw those NC Soft guys (I was on Virtue 8-)).


I'm a refugee from Virtue as well.


I don't remember being a sugar covered marshmallow chicken when did this happen! D:


Just saying "peeps" is too easy.


As for the quirks, I'll have to ponder it. It can't be so horrifying that no one will ever RP with me again, yet it can't be so tame that just anybody could pull it off. A nice balance is required. Fortunately, FW is still willing to be my friend despite a few that were a little too much.

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Hello and welcome~! Now I have a weird urge for Peeps ; ; the candy - not people. Anywho, if you've got any questions about anything or would like some character feedback once you've sorted out which of the two contenders you'll be playing do feel free to ask on the forums! Hope to see you in game when P4 pops up C:

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