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The Raven's Eye Inn and Tavern (Inactive)

Kima wolf

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So what is the Raven's Eye Inn? 


Good question: OOCly it is a group of roleplayers who wish to have fun with other adults in a laid back roleplaying guild which will do quests, dungeons and even raids from time to time, but first and foremost will be all about roleplaying your character in a mature (or immature if that's your character) manner.


IC: There are many forces in this world, some dark, others light. But all these forces have one thing in common, they are wild, untamed and best of all waiting to be discovered. The Raven's Eye Inn and Tavern was established by Kailisto and Inoxia Nadare as a place where adventurers and mercenaries could find work, soldiers find rumors, and powerful items and scholars could gather. Kailisto herself uses her tavern to find powerful warriors, scholars, mages and tacticians who can help her discover the deep and dark magics of the land, and to help her break into and discover the power of the Raven's Eye, a relic from a long forgotten era, and to break a curse she will not share lightly. 


But they would not get many jobs if the general populace knew this information, so Kailisto also organizes research and exploration missions which garner the Raven's Eye a cautious yet respected reputation for getting the job done and finding information and items which do not wish to be found, or have been lost to time.



So what is this “Raven's Eye” and what is this curse?Well after running many guilds, I learned something important, even seasoned Roleplayers wish to have a overreaching story, or theme running through the guild, something to feed off of, and that's what both of these are.



The Raven's Eye is an ancient relic which is housed deep inside the Inn, if you wish to know more you have to roleplay heheheh. And the curse takes different forms depending on the person, so it gives you a chance to add a flaw to your character if you choose.


How does your character fit in?: Another good question! Well anyway you like! You can be a normal barmaid/ mechanic or a mercenary. You can also be cursed like the tavern's main theme and looking for a way to break it, or you can be a knowledge seeker. Basically we have no restrictions.



Who is the leadership? The guild leader is Kailisto Nadare and her partner Inoxia Nadare, but they play a background role to others who wish to be the face of the Inn, like Valia. There are also several officers who will introduce themselves in this thread later.



Any rules? Well yes, here are the rules and regulations: So now comes the not so fun part, the rules and regulations. You'll find we do not have very many here, most are basically common sense such as no god modding, no drama ooc, and respect officers and the leader of course as well as your fellow guild mates. 



If you have a disagreement and can't solve it yourself, ask an officer of myself, the Guild leader.


Because we are laid back and like to have fun, and we can't have fun with tons of ooc drama and stupidity. If you engage in it purposely and are a constant in causing it then we'll boot you. Fair? Fair.


Also ask permission before using anyone's character in roleplay or their NPCS. It's the polite thing to do. 


We also expect our members to roleplay! I know it's a shocker, but actually roleplay your character in say when you can and if it makes sense. You don't HAVE to always be in character, but it helps foster roleplay if you are. And that's it!



Positions? Well the cover positions are the usual positions inside of a inn and tavern such as bard, barmaid, innkeeper, maintenance and repair, stable handler, security, or if you have an idea I am more than welcome to discuss it with you! And yes we do have the “real guild” which is where the scholars and researchers, warriors and retrievers come in, if you have an idea again you can discuss it with me.


Dualistic? What's that? Well simply put, I believe the Linkshell is a great communication tool to use for people who wish to visit the tavern or inn, but not join the actual guild, and that's what it will be used for.


Interested? Questions? Good!Come to our website http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=482658&TabID=4159760, or simply send me a message, Sivamet or Inoxia a message on these forums. Thanks for your time! 



Our Website:


http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?Gu...ID=4159760 Because it wouldn't link correctly.

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Hey all Welcome back :) Looking forward to this new launch of the game.  I've been a member of this guild since the launch of the original version and the upgrade has really made a vast improvement.


My name is Sivamet Kedin and I am one of the background officers in the guild, usually found hanging out with Kailisto and Inoxia kicking butt all over the place *chuckles* 



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It's a great core group and we're always looking for more. Remember folks there's no need to commit to the place. Just get a pearl and be a customer when the mood strikes you. Nothing like some good stories, good drinks, and good friends. Unless of course you count mysterious happenings and the pursuit of knowledge and power.

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Well, if you can just get a pearl to hang out at the tavern, I'm in for that. :) In fact, I have a feeling several other members of Mysterium might feel the same way.


But are you prepared for an invasion of mages looking for drinks that some might call... unnatural? :)


My character could very well be one of those unusual concoction-imbibing mages. In general, he's a seeker of many forms of knowledge. The Raven's Eye itself sounds interesting as well; while I can't join the guild, I'd be interested in seeing if something like that could play a part in my story, as my character does suffer from an issue  that could be called a curse, depending on opinion...


I'd like to see where this goes and I'd be interested in joining the LS (as a member of Freelance's guild, my FC spot is taken.)

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Well that's the best thing about a LS and free company. So anyone who wants to just hang in the tavern is MORE than welcome to to get Linkshell invite, I'll be handing those pearls out to all roleplayers and it'll be an active linkshell. 


And yes a cook would be great! As would strange mages wandering in and out lol

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Wow this sounds absolutely perfect for my character if you'll have him. He's meant to be a bit of an infamous bounty hunter(no morals on who the target is, innocent or not) and I initially wished I could find some tavern-like scenario which could help collect requests for him.


I was however, just now, thinking that I should perhaps change him into being a mercenary. Managing to find compliant RPers when it comes to capture scenarios just seems like something unfeasible or at the very best, a highly rare occurrence. In addition to that, I wanted this character to be particularly strong and have a near flawless record. Meaning that I was hoping to have a number of successful captures/kills in my RP before he is finally bested by a worthy or better opponent... something which will not likely be easy to find(who wants to be beaten with minimal effort?).


Sorry, I just wanted to share that since it has been troubling me for a while now and I thought some of you might be familiar with such situations or types of RP. It's not that I want him to be OP or unbeatable, but rather I want him to actually seem very strong(to match the ego he has grown as a result) before he finally experiences defeat.



Well in any case, if you have a solution in mind I'd appreciate anyone's assistance. As well as that, if one or both of the above scenarios would allow him to become a regular in this tavern then please let me know! *very interested*

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Well the Inn is the kind of place where you might find people looking to contract others for various reasons all their own. The Inn itself tends to work on contracts regarding relics and lost or hidden knowledge. But that does not mean that the people looking for these sorts of things wont have other needs that they may be seeking out. So in the least hanging out in the Inn may be a good place to make contacts and find employment of many sorts.

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An Inn/Tavern are certainly places my character would be seen in from time to time for the reason of offering his services or or looking for jobs as long as they dont go against his sense of honor or morals.


Freelance Adventurer types+Taverns make for a feasible mixture after all heh

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Both Niteshadeo and K'nahli it's great to see we've caught your interest and definitely look forward to seeing you in our company then if it fits what you're looking for. 


As Inoxia stated, while we tend to work on contracts for relics and such, *smirks* with that in mind *cough cough* may be able to find willing rp for a contract bounty or what have you.


I've run into people that love the bounty hunt n chase and collect scenarios and have had bounties on a character before lol.

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Both Niteshadeo and K'nahli it's great to see we've caught your interest and definitely look forward to seeing you in our company then if it fits what you're looking for. 


As Inoxia stated, while we tend to work on contracts for relics and such, *smirks* with that in mind *cough cough* may be able to find willing rp for a contract bounty or what have you.


I've run into people that love the bounty hunt n chase and collect scenarios and have had bounties on a character before lol.


Well at most to start and during my getting my Eorzean adventuring feel back I would have to stay away from ANY Free Companies, course I'd totally be willing to consider looking into a pearl for the linkshell aspect once the game is back up again.

Well for relics n the like, it wouldnt be abnormal at all for a freelance adventurer/courier/recovery service/adventurer etc to delve into places that may hold relics and the like for one reason or another 8-)

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