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Creation myths and lore

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The reason the lore feels like it's full of holes is because Squeenix doesn't post lore on their website like Blizzard does.

It's super annoying and I really wish they wouldn't play their cards so close to the chest. :(


Wait until launch, when people have started going through quests, missions and all the flavor text attached to all the items in the game and then we'll start seeing those holes close up.

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I kinda like the lore to be something you learn about through doing things in game myself. ^^ It seems full of holes, but it keeps us hunting! Of course, I'm used to 1.0. It was much worse then haha.

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Not much is known on this subject but we've been given a few tidbits here and there.


-The Beastmen Tribes believe that they were created by their worshiped Primal Deity.


-Many Hyuran scholars believe that Elezen are descended from ancient Hyuran. Not the other way around, although that may actually be more likely.


-Many scholars believe that Lalafell have green or nature-y colored hair as an evolutionary traits so that they can hide in tall grasses from Rocs, the Lalafell's natural predator.



There's a few more tidbits, but it seems that XIV takes a much more evolutionary approach as opposed to a created by Gods and Goddesses approach like in XI. The only races that seem to believe they were created by gods are the beastmen. Which might account for why the Garleans think them savages. We do know that the Twelve did not create the five races though. It is said in Lewphon's Chronology of Eorzea that the Twelve inhabited Eorzea (kinda like the Garden of Eden for Hydaelyn) until the first tribes of man (Elezen and Roegadyn) came and began to war amongst each other. This war was known as the First Umbral Era. When the Twelve departed from the land, it became the Age of Man or the First Astral Era. 



An interesting sidenote though about the beastmen. They believe that the Primals made them. And it is said that the Primals were created by the Twelve, to be servants to the Twelve. So indirectly the Twelve gave birth to the beastmen, which would make the Beastmen tribes the only true indigenous peoples of Eorzea. This is only a theory, but there has yet to be any lore stating that any of the beast tribes migrated to Eorzea. Whereas it is made quite clear that all of the Races of Man did in fact migrate to Eorzea.

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