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KC Renfest 2013

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I've never been to the Kansas City one, but I have been to the NY Renfaire and the NJ Renfaire. They are a lot of fun, but I can be pricey, not saying that you can't do it on a budget. I know for the NY Renfaire they sell discount tickets at Walgreens around were I was living. 


The cool thing is that (if they follow the formula of other Renfaire's) they will have "theme" days, like a fantasy theme day or a kids day. The fantasy theme ones are always fun because it brings all walks of sci/fantasy life to the Renfaire. Nothing like seeing a Stormtrooper and a knight hamming it up!


All in all, they are a lot of fun. If you can, go check it out.


*places pie on table then darts out of room*

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