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Tonight I dine upon...?

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Time for another character development and RP hooks prompt. :)


What a character eats -- whether by choice or by force -- gives insight into their daily routine and the circumstances of their life. Are you a pauper who can only afford scraps tossed out the back of Ul'dah's restaurants? Perhaps you're a rich adventurer who dines on only the finest cuisine. Maybe you have the money to eat well, but you dislike gastronomic pursuits; you choose to eat cheap, fast street food when you could be supping on foie gras. Your food choices might lead you to collide (possibly literally) with others who share the same gustatory preferences.


In this thread, list three or four things that your character regularly eats -- whether they like them or not -- and where they can usually be found eating them.


I'll start.


L'yhta Mahre tends to eat...

  • Breakfast: Tea, biscuits, and fruit at the Bismarck in Limsa Lominsa, almost every morning at sunrise.
  • Lunch: Dried and salted meats or fish with a side of juice, whether out in the field or on the docks of the city.
  • Dinner: The freshest fish she can possibly acquire, simply seared over a hot fire, and a stein of ale or lager. She usually eats at one of the guilds and only rarely at her apartment.
  • Snacks: Jellied and candied fruits; she's never without a pouch of these.

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Kevaraan's diet while in Gridania is generally inexpensive, but still nutritious:


Breakfast: A slice of thick bread (think French) with butter or fruit spread; a random fruit, generally whatever the inn has on hand; strong herbal tea with one cube of sugar and hibiscus.


Lunch: Anything on the inn's menu, but NOT the eel pie ("Whenever I think of it, my mouth starts to feel slimy..."). He commonly enjoys soups, but if in the field and unable to go back for whatever reason, he'll pack enough to make a simple sandwich. It's rather bland because he still needs to learn to cook.


Dinner: Typically another inn menu item that's more substantial than lunch: roast, ribs or fish with an appropriate side dish or two... perhaps potatoes or a vegetable medley. Typically has another mug of tea before going to sleep.


Other: Carries nuts and dried fruits while in the field. Never drinks alcohol, and won't touch street food of his own volition, but he might try if he's pressured or there are no other options.

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Many disregard the subterranean bounty to be found within the twilight realm from whence we Duskwight come. Am I too proud to subsist on cave crickets and sightless shrimp? Fluorescent fungi and even the lowly roach, which are legion in certain locations underground, have found themselves upon my plate and preserved in my pack, and will again, I am sure.


"Excuse me, Isobeau?  You have a fore-leg stuck in your teeth..."



Of course, when I'm in Ul'dah, its lizard on a stick all the way (heavily seasoned, thank you ;). ) I think she really likes fruit too, the riper, the better :thumbsup:

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Ahh, okay then! Let's see...


W'zilika Itoh tends to eat...


  • Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, grits, sausage, and bacon with a biscuit and some apple juice in the morning at her Master's house. ^^
  • Lunch - Honey biscuits which are called Bengyas I think, I has no idea how to spell that, with some tea or honey milk at The Wolf's Den in Uldah
  • Dinner - She'd have a fruit salad or a kind of fish stir fry with vegetables and some water or honey milk at The Wolf's Den in Uldah or her Master's house
  • Snack - Cinnamon rolls, cake, or cookies with some water, tea, honey milk, cinnamon cream, or juice while sitting on the roof of her Master's house, just enjoying the moonlight. 

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Eva has become a very light eater, but being pregnant now she eats a bit more, so here's just an example of an average day's fare.


  • Breakfast:  Tea, a slice of plain toast, and some fresh oranges
  • Lunch:  Tea, a tuna miq'abob, and a sliced zucchini cooked with black pepper
  • Dinner:  Tea, a bowl of beef stew with popotoes and carrots, a small bowl of white rice, and possibly some sort of chocolate treat for dessert
  • Snacking:  Tea, and any kind of fresh fruit

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Ah this is interesting. I'll take a crack at it.



Breakfast: Water, bread (a vestige of gladiator training)


Lunch: Meat over an open fire (Marmot is Des' favorite)

          Whatever vegetation he can obtain. He's partial to hot radishes.

          More water.


Dinner: As beggars can't be choosers, whatever stew the Inn has in it's pots but if he's got a bit of spare gil, he'll occasionally treat himself to some red wine.

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