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Trying to understand Keepers of the Moon names


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The naming conventions do a solid job of hammering out the Seekers, but the Keepers seem slightly more confusing, I mean I can follow the directions, but it seems like I have the rules for Grammar without any vocabulary to back it up. I am not sure what sort of words make a proper first or last name for a female keeper(though I do know what her son would be called if such).

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I'd recommend taking a look at these two links.







Using these two sources you can find a ton of Keeper of the Moon names and from there you can get a feel for how the names sound, which letters and combinations of letters are most common, and maybe even find a surname you thoroughly enjoy. 


Canon Keepers of the Moon have a really hard time with names because the names are based off of the ancient Miqo'te language which is no longer spoken in Eorzea. Many of these names have existed since the very birth of the miqo'te race, many many millennia before they ever traveled to Eorzea. So Fern only knows what they could mean.

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To my knowledge it's just a matter of coming up with a name.  There's no pre-suffix nor post suffix.


Female first names are typically short, two syllable things, sometimes with unspoken H's.

For females there's no suffix, for males its mother's name then an appostrophe seperated suffix designating what order the son was born in.  Xha'li for example would be third son of Xha.

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