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Forgive me if this has been done, but I haven't seen it. I'd like to see if we can collect a reference list of artists that aren't in RPC that we have gotten art commissioned from. I know I'm in the market for a commission or two and I'd love to see what artists everyone else has used. Of course, if you are an RPC artist, feel free to throw your name out there as well!



I really only have one artist that I've ever used and she's here:


http://laschae.deviantart.com/ - however, she's at the last stage of her pregnancy, so she might not be taking commissions right now. :(










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I'm willing to do commissions for people if they'd like. Kinda gives me a reason to draw, lol.


I mainly do line-work and will split the commission with a friend of mine, S'lade Tia, who does coloring way better than I could ever.


I have a lot more work that I do not have scanned/do not have up on a photosharing site. if anyone is interested in seeing more I will gladly send some or post more here.











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While I'm an artist myself, (people can find me here on the forums, I do take commissions) I do love supporting other artists! Below are some of the awesome people I've had art done from. :) 


Canadian Rainwater on DeviantArt






Jo, Clockwork Confusion: http://clockworkconfusion.blogspot.com/p/commission-information.html





Eudetenis from Deviantart: 







Evanyell, who recently joined here. 







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My absolute favorite artist who I've received a commission from is iidxgirl from dA. She was wonderful to work with, and I was thrilled with the final product (and she's improved even, since then!) Some may consider her a little pricey, but the piece she made for me was chock-full of emotional significance, and I think it was worth every cent.





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