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Post your skype info here (or PM me) if you are available to call in or guest host Tuesday or Wednesday. We usually record by 5pm EST but any time of day could be negotiated! If you run a guild which we haven't talked about- make sure you let us know if you're available asap. We will be recording our next episode this Wednesday (8/4)!










Loc Talon


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Just an updated note, if you're interested in getting an interview with one of us for your linkshell collection, Iroh is probably the one to talk to. I'm pretty sure anyone who knew him in Aion can agree that he's the entertainer out of us :P


I'll poke him to write his info here.

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While Wednesdays don't ever work for me, next time you record on a Tuesday I'd love to get in on this as a potential guest host. Sadly I wasn't able to get my system up and running in time to be more involved from the offset of the podcast, but I should be in good shape now.


Skype - Tyriont

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I'm not sure if you guys still do this or not, this is my first time browsing this section of the forum, but I think it would be fun to be guest caller. Dunno about guest hosting, but I'd call in and chat for a bit if you want. I don't have skype at the moment, but I can easily get it. Go team.




my skype name is nedral.crenl


there ya go. That's her last name. pronounced as kren

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