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I'm kind of lost


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Hello there, everyone.


I registered yesterday and have been reading around for some time. I've never RP'd before and I really have no idea where to start. For example, reading the Balmung events section I thought about posting to join one, but wasn't sure if I would be joining something organized for a particular group or if I should reply IC or OC.


This is all new to me, so bear with me for a while :<



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Welcome! You might check this thread out if you haven't already seen it. There's a lot of info there geared towards those who may be newer to RPing. And of course if you have any questions or anything, most of the folks here are generous with their knowledge, generally patient and kind, and eager to help. Please feeel free to ask any questions you might have! We were all there once!!

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In all the years I have been RPing, there is this constant. New RPers worry too much and underestimate their abilities. We're here for you. Just poke around the forums and PM someone here if you need anything.


Anyone who berates anyone for being new...well...shouldn't be one of us.


Cake? :)

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I did read that post (magnificent work by the way) before registering, I just wasn't sure if it would be rude to join into a post/event "uninvited". Thanks!


If you are ever unsure about posting in a topic, just send a P.M. to who ever made the first post in the thread. They will be able to tell you if the thread is open or not. For the most part I would say it is easy enough to figure out which ones are open to  everyone and which ones aren't, but if there is ever a question it is usually best to err on the safe side.


At worst, you get told that the thread is for a specific group.(they will probably direct you to something similar that is open if you ask (free pie never hurt though)


At, best they will actively invite you to join in the fun!


Either way, welcome to the RPC if you have any questions My inbox is always open.

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Omg, what an awesome little welcome video!

We didn't have that back in my days.



So yeah as far as forum RP goes, anything that doesn't say (Closed) or anything that does say (Open) should be good. In doubt, PM the one who started the thread.


If you're really not sure about what to do or anything, or if you just figure you could use a more personal bit of help, get yourself a mentor! Even old timers like myself got one (I'm pretty experienced, but I distanced myself from big RP communities a few years ago and I feel rusty ^^; )


Also, cookies, cakes, pies... we have them all!

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I agree with Xerek that most new rpers tend to underestimate themselves. Building confidence is as simple as jumping in somewhere and practicing! Don't be afraid to make mistakes, we all started out at the beginning!


Once the game launches, I'll be running monthly events geared towards giving new rpers a chance to get out there and break a leg!

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Every time I see your name, Alothia, I will forever think "peanut butter pickles". It is branded into my mind. xD Congratulations.



Such is the burden of fame, I suppose~ *le sigh*


Hey I did say I was going to try it, does that make me semi-famous?  Maybe just a groupie...


But for now I just want some ice cream.

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