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Order of Twin Adder clarification


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Hey all,


This may seem silly but I just had some questions about this image and more structured insight about the relationship between the White Wolves, God's Quiver and Wood Wailers because I have yet to be in any beta phases so those that may know more in game lore please let me know, would be appreciated. As it stands right now my character is currently a God's Quiver initiate after serving in the White Wolves for 5yrs. (hence inexperienced youths). My initial impression is that the White Wolves are the new recruits supervized by God's Quilver and Wood Wailers  and then once passing their tests or whatever are then recruited into other factions within the Twin Adders. A unit of inexperienced youth supervising two established units doesn't seem to make sense (the way the arrow points). Thanks for humoring me.:angel: Just making sure I don't need to make any wiki adjustments.




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The way I always understood it was that the White Wolves were the youth of Gridania. The children that show promise and want to follow either the paths of the Wood Wailers or the God's Quiver. These two guilds supervise these youth. Train them and what not.


Again, I could be wrong, but that's the way I've always understood it. There wasn't really any lore or mention of them in game in 1.0.

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