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Pre launch character creation for ps3?

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I'm assuming ps3 folks sadly won't have the option to do so until phase 4??


I just happened tot hinka bout it while i create and play around with some concepts for tweaking my character from 1.0 on the character creation benchmark and wondered if there was a way to use it, make a sample character that could b loaded into the ps3 version at launch like what pc users will get to.


Im playing on both so it doesnt quite affect me but I happened to think of it considering not only am I sure ps3 folks wouldve loved to have the option but because my gf expressed an interest in the game when I let her check it out via my account on the last beta phase.


Tho i guess the Open beta phase is still good for doing that a bit early before official launch.


/randomrant off

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Yeah, unfortunately there is no benchmark for PS3, but! What I am doing is just creating my character in the PC benchmark and then, when open beta starts, I can just go back to the benchmark, look at the character I have saved there, and copy all of the settings.


It won't take long at all, really.


quite true. Similar to when i would just screenshot selection options in other mmos when I don't have the option to save the appearance so i can reference the options again later lol

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If you have access to a PC that can run the benchmark creation/first 10 mins of the game, then you could just make your character on a pc, start the game and get to a point that you can log off. switch to PS3 and poof, you have the characters you made from the benchmark.

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