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Okay, considering he will be gone for the next week, I'm going to take control of the Al'Mian Part II thread if he doesn't mind.


It seems silly to let it just die.

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Considering that, for now, we are the only three involved in the thread, I think you guys are fine. I appologize for my delay in posting. I've had a lot of freelance work that I had to get done. I've posted in the thread now and should be more freely able to respond tomorrow. If you haven't noticed, I'm much more available during the week then during the weekend.


Either way, seeing as there are only the three of us in the thread, and no one looking to get in until Gavriel gets back, I think you are fine. No other rp is being disrupted. Again, sorry for taking so long to post. Real life got in the way.

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we were only in the other room for a few posts. But Shamad is taking a nap, there's some time before beasty-lalafell lady comes back, so it's just you'n me for a bit, Tadir.




Well, I have to go run to school and register for classes so I'll be gone for a bit, but feel free to post and we'll get this conversation rolling!

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