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Hey All


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Instead of Lurking much longer I figured I might as well make a post in here and get things going before the game launches.



MMORPG background:


A ton of games off and on over the years. Everything from Maple story, Ragnarok Online, Conquer Online, other obscure games Korean in origin, A tiny bit of FF11, and a 5+ year foray into WoW.


RP experience:



None in MMOs. Back in High school I was pretty big into RPing on the forums over at my old online stomping grounds at Animeleague. Was a clan leader, had various characters and so on. As life began to get in the way after High school I didn't have the time for it all and drifted away. Enter FFXIV, more free time, and a renewed interest in RPing :D


Character ideas/info:



Nothing really fleshed out yet, but have an old character of mine that never got much "screen time" and plan on repurposing him into the FFXIV universe as my main. I do have an idea for a female character, but with the way the characters work in ARR she won't be a focus in-game until later on. 


How did you learn about the coalition?



Kind of lurk around the FFXIV subreddit. Much prefer a forum setting though.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?



Likely a mix leaning on the light side. I was never a fan of the overly structured and strict RPing in a set setting/story and was more of a fan of open ended settings with lighter direction.


Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)



Went to school for Web development/Programming/Design and then a second time for Information Technology(General PC support(A+ certified), Networking, Cisco CCNA level training). Currently a live at home bum living off saved up money from my last job and such while I try my hand at making apps and/or games =P 



Hobby wise, it's video games, Anime/Manga, Programming, and any other wide array of things.










Anyways, that's about all I can think of, sorry for the long windedness, i have a habbit of doing that. I like what I've seen so far of this community and hope I can settle in and be a bit active going forward.




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Welcome to the community!  There's a great host of folks here that would be more than happy to direct you towards whatever additional information you may be seeking, myself included!  Also, on a personal note, it's nice to see folks coming in from other sites to explore everything the FFXIV community has to offer on a whole.  Look forward to meeting you in game!

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Thanks for the welcomes.


Honestly, still on the fence on my choice of server for my main, but kind of leaning towards Gilgamesh at the moment. The idea that it's an overall fresh start for everyone server wide is kind of nice. 


That said, I have a habit of spreading out and around to the different servers on MMOs when the option is available so i'm likely to try Balmung and others as well over time =P

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Welcome! Glad to see you've stopped lurking and I hope to see you around. Lots of great resources on this site to get you headed in whichever direction you're thinking of going. :moogle: I primarily forum roleplay within some other guilds I'm involved with outside of FFXIV: ARR, so I completely understand going from forums to in-game roleplaying - I always feel like I'm the "slow" poster. (Though I'd just like to think thoughtful... haha)


Anyways welcome again and if you need anything holler. :thumbsup:

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Haha, i'm glad someone likes it, many thanks for the welcome everyone :)


 Unfortunately I lost the hat to the wilderness some time back when I had to make a trip to a remote village and fix some computers for work T_T been searching ever since for the perfect replacement =P

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