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New player - Gilgamesh


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I will be rolling on Gilgamesh, Miqote Keeper of the Moon. I have been reading the lore and would like to create some story or connections with other characters. I generally don't get to play too much during the week, but my weekends are dedicated to games. I like very in depth to. (lots of expression and action and talking, but not the kind of rp where people say what their character is thinking. That's what expressions are for.)


Also, I know almost nothing about the myriad of functions I the game and would appreciate if someone would be available on Wednesday to chat about it. IM or whatever. I'm starting the character Friday night after work and would like to have sone idea of what I'm doing.

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Any keeper of the moon want a child? Maybe adopted? Or maybe you could be a mentor or guardian type? (My immediate thought is of Nolan and Irisa in the series Defiance.) Post here. PM me. :lol:


Depending on what sort of work you're looking for, or guidance that is, perhaps try messaging Isis. (She posted up there). She runs a brothel and is a Miqo'te, perhaps she could steer you in the right direction, though she does run an establishment of sorts. Otherwise I do plan to have an alt who's a Seeker of the Sun but I may not get to play them for a while because my primary character will be Lalafell. I always welcome any sort of company though, upon entering the game at whatever point feel free to add:


Luluni Luni


Welcome and I hope to see you around, and yes I'd love to see you in Skype if you aren't all ready. We also have a Ventrilo server (voice program), that we'll be using quite a bit once the game comes out.


See you around!! :tonberry:

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