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An IC and OOC chat channel for Balmung?

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Hey, so is there a version of that whole "Limitless Sky/Coalition" IC and OOC chat channel thing for Balmung?


If not, why is that? Are there logistical issues involved? Would anyone be interested in formulating something like that? Does anyone even WANT something like that?


If there's a desire for something like these, then let's talk about what it might take to put them together. If it wouldn't be unreasonable or pointless to do so, we ought to set these linkshells up and/or get the word out for whoever does, and we can divide control over the shells out to other active and interested folks in the Balmung community.


If there isn't one yet, I was thinking that the IC chat could be staged in an open indoor marketplace. We could call it "Infinite Ceiling" or something.


The OOC chat linkshell would obviously be the Axis of Evil.






(Note: The linkshell names are not actual suggestions.)

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As stated above, Intermission is the OOC chat channel for Balmung RPers. It has had several incarnations over the years and tends to consistently rise from its own ashes when the need arises. It started out as Mog House, turned into Out of Character, then Intermission, then Backstage, and now Intermission again.


IC, there is not and likely will never be an all-encompassing shell. The diversity in RP styles is too great on Balmung for something like that to work. This diversity even prevents some from joining the OOC mega shell as well. Balmung's culture is more along the lines of an open buffet. Some people like mashed potatoes with their meal, some don't. Some like steamed carrots. Others don't. There's something for everyone and people are free to mix what they wish together. But nobody actually mixes it all together. In comparison, Gilgamesh is trying to make more of a soup type of culture where the ingredients all blend together. Whether this succeeds or not remains to be seen, but the attempt makes it easier for a meta IC shell on their end.

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Cool beans, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


I suppose as for an IC linkshell... what I've seen is that on new servers they get a lot of use starting out, when new players are feeling out the environment and nobody's got much of an idea of where they want to go in terms of RP hotspots and guilds...


Once the server has well-established guilds and hotspots, it doesn't take long for people to point newcomers in the right direction, and then use of an IC chat channel wanes and then falls off entirely.


My question I guess is, does Balmung count as a "new server" (and FFXIV a "new game") in that context? Are we mostly new people there, or are there enough pre-established roleplay foundations that newcomers have a place to congregate and learn about the roleplaying environment?


Might not really have a need for an IC linkshell in the latter case, though in the former case it couldn't hurt.




EDIT: To you Kylin, I'd reckon that what you're saying is pretty accurate. I know the old guard of the server likely has some exceptionally diverse populations and niches. However, do you think those foundations are numerous and solid enough that newcomers will easily find a place to go when they land on Balmung?


I'm not vehemently pushing the idea of an IC linkshell, but I am saying that such establishments have always been pretty much for the benefit of newbies alone.

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An all-encompassing IC LS wouldn't be possible due to the number of characters on Balmung. That, and we like to encourage open-world RP, that is, RPing in public /s channels instead of just in private channels. :) LS's exist for organizations IC and are used as a means of communication by them, but when in person we still RP in /s for the most part (or in /p if it NEEDS to be private).

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I read somewhere that the limit for players in a linkshell is 128 and the limit for a free company is 512. That seems backwards to me, but it is what it is. As far as keeping everyone connected, I think that was the original goal of these forums, as linkshells are too small to incorporate everyone in character.

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There's at least one FC whose IC LS channel is an open tavern: The Raven's Eye Inn and Tavern. In terms of world RP, I know we in Mysterium are looking to find a regular "hangout" spot in the world -- not something we say we own, but just a tavern in game that's our gathering spot. Other groups are likely doing the same. Finally, inevitably, just as CoH had Atlas Park RP before Pocket D, I expect some RP hotspots will form naturally after launch.


To be honest, I feel public IC channels -- which I actually like a great deal, perhaps due to my experience in EQ and EQ2 -- are probably best provided by individual groups and not so much by the RPC as a whole. That said, I think it'd be helpful for new players if there were a sticky post here where public IC channels and their concepts could be recorded and displayed in addition to known RP hotspots.

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