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'Roleplayers' Linkshell - Come Join!

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Hey there! No one replied to a post I made earlier about this and couldn't seem to find one, so I decided to do something about it!


Just created a linkshell on Balmung called "Roleplayers"! It is intended to be a OOC server-wide linkshell for all roleplayers alike! Will be a great place to let others know of impromptu roleplayer gatherings or to connect with others if you would like to set something up - as well as just plain old chatting! Any and all roleplayers are more than welcome to join and if there is anyone interested in being co-leaders to help with recruitment and such please feel free!


You can send me a tell in-game (Niklaus Lucin) or post your name and i'll contact you. I will be on all of today and tomorrow :) hope to hear from all of you Balmungrels in-game soon!

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