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Classes/Jobs and the roles they play

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So, i've been researching into this a little. At first I figured I wanted to be a Marauder and progress to Warrior, however I didn't want to tank (too much pressure, my days of tanking are long gone). The issue is i'm getting mixed results on what role they play, some say DPS, others say Tank.




This is what I found recently, i'm thinking of heading dragoon now unless i'm reassured that i'll have a place DPS'ing as a warrior.


you lot are the people I turn to. Shower me with your knowledge if you would be so kind.

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It's my understanding that both Marauders and Lancers are DPS. Gladiators are your typical tanks.


If you plan on PUGing in the Duty Finder, you're going to go long periods without a team simply due to the massive amount of DPS-ers out there. It's the same in any game with a random team organizer with specific role requirements.

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After leveling MRD to 20, I think they're suboptimal DPS because of their threat.


All of their heavy hitting combos involve putting out intense amounts of threat, as that's how MRD's tank. You would have a really hard time outputting decent DPS while not pulling off your tank.


I imagine Warrior's will be the same.


Edit: What I'm trying to say, they're pure tanks.

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Primarily it's playstyle. Both of them are equally effective as Tanks though the methods for playing both are drastically different. Paladin relies a lot on Damage Mitigation and has abilities that help it not only tank but defend the party and don't provide much help to actually burning down enemies beyond just holding the hate. Marauder has more HP but less mitigation and hits much harder, instead of relying on abilities like Flash that just generate Enmity the Warrior deals large amounts of damage and has one or two AoEs that I know of that allow it to generate and hold hate, while also doing substantially more damage than the Paladin.


In short, from what I've found, Paladin can live longer, Warrior can kill faster.

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