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Artwork of Me!


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So I thought I'd follow suit and post some artwork. Please note most of this is stuff I saved from high school (graduated in '04, but most of it is from '02-'03) though there is some stuff that's more recent, like the two of Nedral I attempted to draw. Well, enjoy.


This one is of Nedral I drew about 30 minutes prior to making this thread. I know it's horribly un-proportional and I felt like it was going wrong which is why I stopped.





Here's the first I did of Nedral. It's a bit on the cartoony side.





Here's the start of a character for a story I'm working on based around Norse mythology. Her name is Ghij and she's the daughter of the Valkyrie Hild and an unknown human father. She is what is known as a World Walker.





Here's another character of mine, different story, his name is Fehl.





Another character of mine, from the same story of Fehl though Fehl is about 30,000 years her elder and is quite dead. :P Her name is Fiora.





Another character from the same world as Fehl and Fiora. Her name is Saerin and is Fiora's step mother, sort of...





Concept art of Saerin.





Another character from the same world, her name is Elria and she's roughly the same age as Fehl, also dead.





Ok, away from that world. Honestly though, I couldn't tell you what this is, but I remember drawing it in my sex ed class in '02.





Something more recent. It's a still from one of my films (the link to the film is posted in the 'Film Stuffs' thread somewhere... *insert link here*).





Ahh, onto the Battle Angel stuff, my favorite Anime. The next three pictures were drawn the same day in the same class. '03 was the year. This one is called "Angel Immersion".





One of Alita yawning.





One of her smiling.





And the last picture is one of a character from a story I wrote in my freshman year of high school. A LOT of people were upset when I quit writing it, can't see why it was pretty much garbage, BUT OH WELL. Probably because it was all DBZ-ish... Yeah. Her name is Naoko. fyi, I drew this one about 3 months ago, out of the blue and I was like: "Oh hai Naoko!"





Well, I hope you've enjoyed this little trek. Leave some comments and tell me how much you hate/like it!

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Thanks for the comments guys! I don't draw nearly as much as I used to, I blame it on the fact that I'm not in high school anymore so there's no classes for me not to pay attention to so I can draw lol. Now, if I can only learn how to color in photoshop... I'm quite photoshop savy, but I just can't understand how people color in it. I've watched tutorials, but every time I do it, it turns out crappy. :(

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It just takes practice. Do it as often as you can. Your first attempts will suck. It happens, but they serve a purpose. The more you do it the better you will get. So keep trying.

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Ok, so this picture has nothing to do with FFXIV, actually it's some concept work for a character in my senior project. I'm drawing her so I can have references for when I storyboard. I decided to go down a different path with drawing this time, a style I'd never attempted; Disney style! After a couple of hours, and much crumpled paper, of staring at different characters and getting a copy of the 'How to draw Disney Princesses' book, I think I'm getting the hang of it. These are a little rough, but it's just to get a few of the techniques down. Let me know what you think.


Click it



It's just a sample, the current one I was working on before posting this.

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