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"There are three types of adventures. Those by land, those by sea, and those by sky. The problem with the first two, is you can't do everything. Get yourself an airship and the world is yours." - Garlden of Rosa


The GoldenMyst is a heavy RP based Linkshell set to the theme of Airships and Sky Pirates. The crew of the GoldenMyst are from all sorts of backgrounds but come together with one aim in mind. Throwing away the shackles of normalcy, they come together seeking adventure, finding new lands and great treasures. This is the lifestyle of those who choose to reside upon the airship known as The GoldenMyst and become part of her family.

The Crew of The GoldenMyst*


Crew Members with specific roles

Captain: Vale Hartstrong

Pilot: Biggs Trentin**

Engineer: Cidderin (Cid)**

"Questmaster": Obaa**


Crew without specific tasks

Vale Hartstrong

Lucious Black

Emelin Locke

Vairick Cragorian

Lucindriel Deorwin

Amalthea Ghoulheart

Mabayui Asayake

Sivamet Kedin

Erika Duvette

Onion Kid

Zeah Loraire


MAX CREW COUNT (due to airship/capacity theme): 60 (As not all members will be onboard at one time)

MAX PASSENGER COUNT (Forum access, event access, no linkshell access. For secondary/"part time" characters): 120



* This is the IC crew aboard the airship as of posting this. It does not include members who have joined OOCly yet are still waiting to enlist their characters ICly.

** Represents any NPC character. That is, crew members who are not physicially portrayed ingame but used for forum/text based RP. Their characters will receive bios on the GM GuildLaunch site.


(OOC Info)






Veedo (El Capitan)

Aurohra (Mod)

Raven (Mod)


RP Style:




The GoldenMyst @ Guildlaunch


IC element:

The GoldenMyst is an airship, and it's crew are treasure hunters and seekers of adventure. The ongoing mission is to seek out new treasures, find hidden locations, and have great adventures!


A note, the Airship itself will not be tangeble. It will be RP'd into existance until something physical can be made use of. There will be a diagram of the ship in the works, and forums put into place for on-ship RP.



The GoldenMyst herself, though there is rumoured to be a secret hideout within Ul'Dah.


Linkshell interactions:

The Airship itself will usually only have her crew reside upon her. But, as you can expect, there is nothing stopping people from hiring her out for journeys. Also, the crewmembers will most likely be majority socialites. It seems to fit the style of play (Vale - Captain of The GoldenMyst - for example is going to be very outgoing, and try to get to know as many people as possible. How else will you learn about the latest gossip regarding hidden treasures and giant monsters?) so interactions between groups will be quite likely. Also, Sky Pirates never tend to go without enemies/adversaries, so it seems more than likely there will be one or two rival linkshells or opposing factions (i.e. Knights who despise "thieves" of any type.)


Application criteria/process:

We are looking for mature (and lighthearted) RPers, preferably 16+ (though, maturity can appear at different ages, so we will take that into consideration) who are fine with both the lighthearted "Let's go on an adventure!" side of RP as well as the more serious in-depth plot driven Storylines which will occur from time to time to help give this Final Fantasy group the real FF feel.


We are not looking to be a HUGE group, as ICly I invision the group to become like a "family" as the crew goes on it's journey. But, we're not going to turn people away if it is their thing.



The GoldenMyst is headed by Veedo, but also taken care of by our mods (Known as Sky Pirates): Aurohra and Raven.

Decisions of importance to the Linkshell are put to a vote amongst these officers. A unanimous agreement is always the desired outcome â however, if opinions differ, time will be given for any dissenter(s) to make their case to the others.


These decisions include, but are not limited to:


- Acceptance of applicants

- Large-scale RP events that will affect the Linkshell as a whole

- Disciplinary action and removal of members


We hold ourselves to the same standards as we do the rest of the Linkshell. If for any reason you feel that one of the mods has violated any of the rules listed below, contact us, and it will be addressed fairly and transparently. An officer who does not follow the rules can and will be removed from their position, or even from the group as a whole, depending on the nature of the indiscretion.



General Standards of Behavior


The main aim of The GoldenMyst is an enjoyable RP setting themed around airships, adventures, treasure hunting, and the occasional mercenary work. As such we want to have fun, but are also going to be leading more serious RP events when the time calls for it. We don't want to be opposed to either, but we don't want to be on either extreme (70's Batman Vs The Dark Knight as an example.)


Our primary goals include role-playing, storytelling, making new friends/meeting new people, chatting ICly and OOCly within our forums, and enjoying the world Final Fantasy XIV.


We do not wish for our group to become an overly dramatic group, though it is understood that times come within characters lives where things do get serious. Characters can become angry, depressed, etc. It is part of life. What we DO NOT want is characters who are being chased down and stabbed/beaten up/etc every other day.


Abusive or offensive language is preferably to be kept to the minimum. All members are expected to be mature, and sometimes language barriers can stifle character development, but if it gets to a point where the conversations are unable to be read without sifting through profanities this may be deemed grounds for removal from the Linkshell.


This is not really our intentions to make it a PG-13 group, but in experience we have found that not all people are accustomed to, or enjoy, hearing profanities to a large degree.



To put it simply, we expect members of The GoldenMyst to treat others as they would like to be treated. As a group of mature gamers and writers, we trust that our members have a solid foundation in common sense. We therefore expect members to use that common sense in how they behave and how they treat each other, as well as how they treat those outside of our Linkshell. When you post on the XIV-RPers forums, you still represent our group as surely as if you were posting on The GoldenMyst's forums. We expect you to represent us proudly in the way you handle yourself not only in the game and in our own forums, but also on the official forums as well.


The previous paragraph is aimed both IC and OOC, but less so on the former. We are playing a group of rogues. Sky Pirates will be considered thieves and lowlifes to some, and we do not at all expect your character to just bow their heads and apologise for being what they are if that isn't their personality at all. We would like to try our best to be respectable in and out of game, but we do not want to stifle character development, theme, or be pushovers.


We're Sky Pirates.



Role-Playing Standards


The GoldenMyst is a heavy role-playing group. This means that we expect members to behave fully in-character while in RolePlaying scenarios within the game. While some OOC is absolutely allowed on team, private messages, etc., we do ask that you clearly mark it so that it may be easily distinguished from any IC currently underway.


Role-playing is never to be used as an excuse for behaving abusively towards other players, be they members of The GoldenMyst or not. If your characterâs backstory includes a passionate dislike for Lalafell, we encourage you to incorporate this in good fun, but this does not give you free reign to verbally berate every Lalafell in sight. Now, if a Lalafell player is receptive to this RP and is happy to play along, itâs perfectly acceptable and encouraged. As a role-playing group, we want our characters to behave in-character. But at the same time, we recognize the need to be sensitive to the needs of other players who may not choose to role-play, or who may not enjoy playing along with your style of role-play. The general rule here is: role-playing is strongly encouraged in any capacity, unless itâs taken to such an extreme that it is impeding the fun of another player. (We also try to keep this for our own members. We do not want unnecessary drama for either our players or our characters.)


As a group with a strong storytelling focus, we actively encourage our members to post character stories, journals, etc. in our forums.


One of our most important role-playing rules is regarding the use of other membersâ characters in your stories. If you would like to incorporate another personâs character, please ask them first. Itâs common courtesy. We have all spent a great deal of time creating these characters, and there is no worse feeling than having another member feature your character in one of their stories without your consent and seeing your character behaving and speaking in a manner you would not have chosen for them. We are very mindful of the ownership we feel over these characters we have each created. If you wish to use another playerâs character in your story, get their permission to do so. The other player may want to write their own characterâs dialogue, and we fully defend their right to do so. This may even open the door to full story collaborations between members, if both parties are interested in such endeavors!


We encourage members to post responses and feedback to member stories on our forums. Constructive criticism to our stories is also welcome, so long as itâs offered in a spirit of encouragement. We want to build each other up as role-players and storytellers, not tear anybody down.



Disciplinary Action


Any offense will normally be met with a warning from a mod. After three warnings, a member will be considered for possible removal from the group. However, officers also reserve the right to remove anyone from the group without warning, if the nature of the offense is determined to be deserving of such action. If you believe you have witnessed a member in violation of our standards, whether it be in-game, in our forums, in our chat room, or on the XIV-RPers forums, please notify an officer. We have set high standards for The GoldenMyst, and we intend to live up to them in the hopes of making our linkshell a well-known and respected group in Final Fantasy XIV.


If you have questions about any of these regulations, please contact an officer â weâre happy to help.


Additional info:

We will aim to have some form of big-scale event each month, which will be planned out after launch. RP events will occure more often, still. As we hope to have an active and well-enjoyed group for those in and out of it.


Ventrilo is also an option, though this will be put into play when the group is more established and RP has commenced for a while. It'll be more of a bonus than a requirement.



You can find more about TGM and her crew at The GoldenMyst's Guildlaunch page or on our XIV-RP's Discussion Page

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Please let me know via this thread or via PM when you have 3+ members for linkshell Council membership and advertisement on the main site. Also feel free to submit to me a button that is exactly 80 x 80 pixels if you don't want the default icon for your group on the main site.


I should also note that I won't actually add anyone else to the Council until the new charter gets passed due to the proposed changes of Council and moderators. But you will be added after the vote assuming you have 3+ members ^^

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The Guildlaunch page is almost complete, Lore on TGM is under construction and will most likely be complete by launch (Waiting on Open BETA to get more in-game experience/background history before posting something that may clash), and a new forum section for Applicants is available. We have also added rules both on this topic and on our own site. Please feel free to take a look.

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I just apply to your guild, sadly for some reasons, I couldn't post it on your guild forums. I had to send it to you via PM over guild launch. I will send it to you over here also, to make sure you get it.


Very interesting lore, I can't wait to play with you if me and my girlfriend are accepted.

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Due to my obsession with neatness and organization, each active RPC RP group is getting a "free" bump in order to move the disbanded and/or withdrawn groups to the bottom of the list. This makes it slightly easier for new potential RPers to better find a group. I am bumping the active groups in the order that they currently are listed as.


This particular post will be deleted when/if the linkshell gives another LS announcement to serve as a "replacement bump."


Please do not respond directly to this post.

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Greetings, just came into this forum tonight and read up on your story. Certainly a cool concept and I tried doing an airship-esk idea in Aion, but the game didn't hold up well. I just changed my character to be on Besaid along with the majority of RP. So I'm rebuilding my levels for better or worse, right?


Was wondering if there is any updates to applying. New to FFXIV but a vet RPer and would like to find a suiting guild.

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