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In Need of RP


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Why, hello there. I've recently (past two days-ish) returned from a sort of self-imposed hiatus after being gone for a few months. As I posted elsewhere, I finally got everything in order to play FFXIV: ARR and... can't... buy it... So, I've been suffering a bit from general rustiness setting in to my creativity gland.


I was wondering if there was anyone bored enough to try one-on-one or a small group RP in Skype. I'm sure there's a Skype chat room still open but I feel extra pressure when there's a ton of people involved and was in the hopes I could just flex my RP wings and try out Siobhain, again, in a slightly more 'canon' setting (in game notwithstanding if only because it's not available to me in any way).


I intend to play on Balmung with the one or two friends that are already there and the many people I admire that I've seen before-- so while I'm really open to just about anyone, I think, if you don't mind, I would like to keep it to Balmung players -IF- those players condone letting whatever initial encounters arise to carry over when I manage to get into game (i.e. Sio might recognize your character at some point after I can get onto ye olde server). Otherwise, doesn't really matter what server you're on.


My preference is:


-Chat - Skype

-Server - Balmung

-City - Limsa Lominsa


Anything else is subject to change depending on who all, if anyone, might take me up on this. I'm so starved for decent RP, I'll even go for non-canon stuff if it means I can write a bit and that also extends to my server choice and whatnot but I will, likely, stick with using Siobhain as I don't have any ideas for an alt.


If you're interested, feel free to PM me for my Skype name and we can get started anytime in the next two days. This is not some solicitation for a love affair or some such nonsense, so have no fear! I'm also open to suggestions of immediate settings (tavern, bazaar, docks, etc.) and also just for friends.


Ya don't have to reply here if ya don't want to; I know this is a bit of a odd request but if it's an inspiring enough RP I might be able to generate some art with it. And who doesn't like art, right?



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I'd join! If you get a small group going you've got my skype, drag me in!! Especially tomorrow night. Ima be so RPin'.


I would like to do that, methinks. Sio and Aysun must meet somewhere someday so that maybe, just... maybe... one Miqo will let that big ol' Roe rub her ears without fear of being outed for a crazy ear fanRoe.

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The idea of an ear fan roe is incredibly adorable to me. I'll likely be around sometime in the next two days. Aysun's got my info~


Dis sounds good.


So far, with one of the takers I got to RP with members of a very nice FC on Balmung through skype. It was going great for Sio (or as great as it can given her personality) until... like... half a dozen Miqo'te popped up and she had to beat a hasty retreat before her head exploded with the cuteness.


Her platonic affection for Miqo'tes is an -actual- weakness. Like... a crippling, handicap-type weakness. I knew I wanted her to like it so RPing it to contrast her otherwise extremely serious personality was very fun for me. I realize, in the future, this could probably get her killed as not all Miqos are kindly and cutesy and some would probably stab a Roe in the throat just to say they could.


This... pleases me...

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