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Booze in FFXIV?

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So, kinda a silly thread, but since my main seems to be leaning hard to Culinarian and her backstory involves her living and working in an inn all her life, it's something I feel she should know.


What are some iconic alcoholic drinks of the world of FFXIV? I know there's ale and wine drunk regularly, and in general alcohol is viewed the same as in the real world by most people, but I don't know any specifics.


It seems Vylbrand is famous for their grapes, so logically they'd also be famous for their wind, right? The Gridania intro also involves the old man getting seemingly shitfaced on wine, and Limsa Lominsa has its share of drunken pirates enjoying grog, so at the very least it seems real world fermentation stuff exists just fine. What about spirits though? Is there some special kind of, say, brandy that a noble would be seen sipping on, or maybe an 'iconic' rotgut whiskey that all us miserable adventurers blot out bad memories with?

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I've looked around, and I haven't found any specific types of alcohol. But they mention wine, brandy, whisky, ale, and grog. So I would assume they've learned to ferment anything that grows, as is common practice.


What I do is I extrapolate what kinds of alcohol there might be from what kinds of ingredients there are to make it out of.

For instance, there's sugar in the game, so they can probably make rum.

There's rice in the game, which means they can probably make sake.

There's corn, so they can probably make bourbon.

And there's cinnamon, cloves, and oranges in the game, which means they can make mulled wine in the winter.

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Since they make references to just about everything else, I think you can safely assume that they have anything we do, and possibly more. They probably just have entirely different mixed drinks, or just different names. White Coerthas instead of White Russian? Screwdriver can probably remain the same. So on and so forth.

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There's corn and sugar and there's isolated gridanian villages so there's most likely booby-trapped moonshine stills.

A fun thing you could do is make up labels for the alcohol that exist in your inn... like quarry stone ale, grand moose beer, arrr ts rum! (Obviously from limsa), blazing sun spiced wine from uldah...

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