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Biggest Disappointment Evar

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So I got a new, swanky computer, I have internet, I have arts, I made a gigantic character wiki (considering I didn't play Siobhain back during the original)... I finally convinced myself to come back, I got enough money, and I got all excited.


No digital downloads for sale.


Okay, I can deal with that, it'll only be a few days before stuff starts to get fixed, right?




Okay... Well, I guess I can put together a bit of extra cash and go buy the hard copy.


Amazon is out? And Ebay. Aaaand Target and Wal-mart. Literally every Wal-mart within 75 miles of my house.


Things are beginning to look a bit dire. So I call the computer stores and the Gamestop.


One of the two Gamestops three towns over got -one- copy in for the PC just a few hours before. They'll hold it for me for a couple hours but people have been buying them out, still.


Can't go right now? That's okay, let's drop the groceries off at home.




Maybe they can hold it over night? First thing tomorrow I can be there.


Oh, well someone is already there that wants to buy it, so if I'm not coming in today, so sorry...


*rubs forehead*


Thunderstorm concludes after an hour and a half.


Today was just a very disappointing day.


Does anyone have -any- suggestions on how one might procure the game other than sucking it up and being a big girl?

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Make friends with someone in the area that owns FFXI, then beat them up and use THEIR copy? I guess that's the marauder solution at least...

Why did we bother with the first part again? (Marauder joke!)


I feel your pain, trust me, I was in that boat just 2 days ago. 


If downloads aren't up by Monday, more hard-copies should be available by then, if the timing is the same as the past 2 weeks.  Or try Ebay/Craigslist?


Either way, keep trying! Persistence is rewarded. :love::thumbsup:

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@Laellia - If I were in Baton Rouge that would totally work. Q_Q But I live a quarter mile from my front gate and a couple miles from my nearest neighbor so...


*sigh* But I could beat them up and take their chickens.


@Penniless - I suppose it's all I can do, really. I was just so excited and it was ridiculous that we were only fifteen miles away from the place and we couldn't drive over there for two minutes for me to buy the game. ARGH.


@Rock- I've seen some Sword Art and My Girlfriend, but not the first two. Heard some good things about Attack on Titan. Guess I will watch teh anime and do teh sketches I promised.

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Chu2 is hilariously fun and extremely sweet and romantic at the end. I loved every bit of it. Also check out Hyouka. The ending was a huge tease, but it was cute anyway, still hoping for a season 2.


Devil is a Part-timer is fun and silly, definitely worth the watch. Love Lab, Nyarko-san (both seasons), Watamote (It's not my fault Im not popular), The Eccentric Family, and Sunday Without God are all exceptionally good anime to watch. :D

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They suspended digital sales because there's too many people for their servers to hold.

They'll resume soon enough, once they feel safe.

I feel for you, but aside from hunting down gaming stores like mad, there's no solution but to wait.

Balmung and Gilgamesh are locked to new characters half the time anyway.

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Laellia and Asyria -- You guys were right. (Mostly Lae, only because she suggested I call around more.) I was pretty tuckered out this morning but I called a Gamestop a ways off and they told me they'd sent that last copy over so they could gut it and put it up on display. (ARGH!) I called back today, got the same guy as yesterday who was extremely excited to tell me that the person who'd wanted to buy it right after I called yesterday evening read the specs on the back of the box and realized their computer couldn't handle the game. He'd decided to keep it in the back for a while and sure enough I called back.


So we went and picked it up. It was already open because of the whole 'gutting' thing but otherwise everything was there.


Noooow it installs.


Thank for very much for all the support, it seems as though mah luck has changed.

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