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Best FF11 Screenshot Ever Thread


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I figure it's fair to assume that most of us have some background with FF11 and possibly some screenshots to boot.


Post one.


It could be funny. It could be a great accomplishment. It could be a memorable moment. Anything. But only post one. Feel free to create witty captions for them as well, or whatever. Just trying to pass the time until open beta. :)


To get it started...


This one was taken on 11/18/05:


Choo choo!



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I'm not sure if it's "best ever" as I have a metric ton I'd have to wade through and judge, but I always did find this one amusing. A somewhat... Shall we say overzealous Warrior's 2hr macro. (Vicious was a Lakshmi HNM LS notorious for its botting and Regalis is the LS punching bag.)



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OMG I have so many xD






Playing Duck Duck goose in the middle of Bastok Mines.... for no reason.



Gus family, all alts of people in our guild. We ran around windy talking to strangers and convincing them this wasn't a game, it was real! Best RP EVER



A nonRP Guild event, basically everyone had to change to a level 1 job and climb to the top of that orc place in San D'oria (with escorts, who would later be judges) and one they reached the top, they had to try to make it back down by themselves, as level 1 xD. The last one standing one a bunch of gil. It was our first guild event, but not the last. We always do stupid stuff like this :P





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Well I wasn't a part of the XI roleplaying community so I don't really have any screenshots related to that. I'm out of town at the moment so while I have other screenshots that are probably better these are the only ones I've uploaded to the internet and thus the only ones I can share at the moment. xD


I know you said 1 screenshot but I also have to post a chat log screencap that I found funny and one for an achievement of mine.


Just a pretty picture.





Went through tons of Hecteyes with no drop until I typed that. Also a weird status check glitch that results from some combination of gear changes.





And an accomplishment. Went 1/1 on the Qultada fight way back in the early days of Cor. Really fun fight. Screencapped what he says when you win.




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