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Finished banging my head on the desk.. for now.


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These have been several weeks in the making. Work dominates so much of my free time that these projects have been very long term. Longer than I intended.


I am absolutely terrible at drawing anime-style. I always imagine my characters to be a bit more western-looking, anyway. Although I studied art in Uni it has been a very long time since I've done much of anything. I always need to work from life, so I pulled together a few references and mashed them together. I am a bit old school, so the sketch was done with good old pencil and paper.


My character, Zyanya, and her son, Kakino:






Here is the coloured version. This was done in Gimp and it is my first attempt in about 6 years.






Miqo'te always seemed so adolescent-looking. I was hoping to capture a slightly different perspective.


Honest feedback/comments/criticisms are welcome. :)

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