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Beta Keys Open Now!

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Open Beta Applications are now up and they're giving away keys! Get yous before they're gone. Good luck and see ya in Beta! :cheer:

I just got to work this morning and the first thing I did was check the beta site. I got my key woo! :bounce:


Now I just need to spend a few days downloading the damn thing :frustrated:

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I wonder if I would get fired for installing ffxiv here.


Depends on where 'here' is. I got away with running Guild Wars, Champions Online, and FreeRealms on my computer when I was working in the senate. :approve:


Likely because that was the least corrupt thing going on there :P

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I work for a defense contractor doing 3d animation for military fire team training simulators. I'm not sure they would look kindly on ffxiv...maybe I could call it...research?

As a person in the military I have a request. PLEASE MAKE THE MODELS LOOK BETTER! I know the military likes to go with a low budget but those training simulator models are just blah.

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