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A small encounter of a small miqo'te [Closed]


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(This is based on a completely random RP I had just before I had to head off to work, with a couple of people I found rping in /say. I didn't get their names or Linkshell, which I regret, and some details are paraphrased or outright wrong. But I think i got the jist down.)


Isilme hadn't been to the Marauder's Guild before. They were heavily associated with Pirates, so in the past she had steered clear of them, but one of the things her father had been insistent upon was that she see and evaluate as much as she could before forming a judgement. Every problem had two sides, and you needed to know both if you were going to find a solution.


So far, she wasn't impressed. The Guild was nothing more than a big old pirate ship, moored with impunity at the docks. It seemed they had just arrived in port, and word hadn't gotten around yet, as the place was very quiet.


She was considering leaving when she heard voices drift up from the hold below. She couldn't make out all of it, but she heard mention of the Knights of the Barracuda, and what sounded like some disparaging remarks.


The remarks were nothing new. Public opinion of the Knights was low, and with good reason: The best and brightest were sent into the field to deal with the threats of the Sahagin, the Empire, and the dozen other things that were threatening the small nation at any given moment. That left nothing but the dregs back home... the lazy, the power abusers, the corrupt. The very fact pirates walked about openly more than attested to the fact that the Knights barely did their jobs back home.


Still, when you were the daughter of a Knight, you didn't suffer slurs against the Knights lightly.


She made her way down to the hold, and found two figures talking. They were difficult to make out in the shadows, but one was obviously female... Hyur or Miqo'te, it was difficult to see, the other male and obviously Elezen from his size and build. He was sitting down, relaxing as he chatted with his companion.


"Maybe I should join the Knights of the Barracuda, hmmm?" He said with an easy tone, apparently amused by the notion.


"Yeah! Then maybe you could make the rest of them do their jobs!" His female companion said, a light laugh in her voice.


Isilme scowled. she stepped forward into the dim light of one of the lanterns hung from the support post and crossed her arms. "And what makes you think they DON'T do their jobs?"


The two of them looked at her, a little surprised at her intrusion. The girl... she was a miqo'te after all, cocked her head. "Well, you have to admit, Miss, that the Knights are pretty useless. I mean, look at this town! It's crawling with pirates!"


Isilme bristled a bit. The pirates, and Limsa Lominsa's tolerance of them was something that always stuck in her craw. "So you let a few bad apples color your perception of the whole? The Knights actually stationed in the city are a tiny fraction of the whole Knighthood, you know."


"It only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bushel." The girl replied.


"With the Sahagin pressuring the city, and the threat of war with the Empire, most of the Knights are out in the field. Certainly all the ones who are of any use at all are. The ones who you see in the city are the useless rejects that they can't use out on the battlefield." Isilme said haughtily. "MOST Knights are fighting hard to protect this city."


"And so all we get are the dregs? While Pirates run the city?" The other girl replied, unimpressed.


The elezen raised his hand, to calm his companion, and looked up at Isilme. "I get the feeling you have a relative among the Knights?"


Isilme turned her attention to him, and nodded curtly. "My father."


"Ah, I see. My apologies then. We meant no offense."


Isilme nodded slowly. Now that the flush of outraged pride had died down, she was feeling rather embarrassed about the whole thing. She decided to beat a retreat before she crammed both feet into her mouth, and turned to go. However, as she reached the door, she stopped and turned back to them.


"My name is Isilme Turuphant. Remember it! Because if you really do sign on with the Knights of the Barracuda, one day you're going to be taking orders from me!" She turned and continued out of the hold without looking back.


The girl turned to her companion, "I like her!"

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