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    Given that many of the guards in Ishguard wear Templar armor? I think this is quite reasonable. Thematically, the Ishguardian Dragoons (Not THE Holy Dragoon, but the Dragoon Knights) are much closer to traditional Paladins. Deeply devoted to Halone, locked in a war with an enemy they view as demonic, and very concerned with divine right, honor and justice.
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    My opinion meshes with a lot here, that trying to shoehorn FFXIV Paladins into the D&D mold... or even any previous Final Fantasy mold... is a mistake. In MOST fantasy lore, Paladins are usually an already-ancient order, with well established traditions and a strong independence from any one nation or ruler. But in Eorzea, I think they are a more recent thing, a martial style created by the Sultansworn. This means they are a creation of Ul'Dah, and are still very much evolving. Right now, the Paladins are in strife, because of an ideological split. You have the Sultansworn, who give their allegiance to the Sultana, and some who feel that their allegiance is to the greatest power in Ul'Dah, not necessarily the Sultana herself. Then you have Solkzagyl, who is of the belief that being a Paladin is something greater than being a royal guard, that a true Paladin holds honor and his beliefs in what is right and true above allegiances to transient power. And he is opposed strongly. There is no divine blessing or selection going on like with Cecil (Though that is certainly possible, it's not required). Paladins, unlike many of the other advanced classes, do not draw their power from a connection to a higher power. They're just incredibly, impossibly stubborn. And so you could legitimately rp a Paladin as whatever you want, though the bias is going to be towards honor and duty, since the ones who train in Paladin martial skills are biased towards that.
  3. I got banned for 20 days for posting a copy of this post on the Beta forums: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=2548 Side note - A lot of the people posting on the Beta forums never caught on, the rage war in the thread had it at 10 pages in MINUTES, and it was locked about 20 mins after it was created. Fun to troll morons, but potentially costly. Not recommended.
  4. Not much here yet, but let's start it out with the pic from Halcon, acquired for me by the wonderful Nel Celestine For fun, here's some old commissions from FFXI Hirilonde in his younger days A speculative pic of what Izzy might have looked like, before FFXIV ever existed. Hirilonde and M'ahayi.
  5. Many people have wondered about the origins of Primal Weapons. What are they? Why do they exist? This is my theory. The Amalja’a approached their Lord Ifrit one day. Taking to a knee, they placed offerings before him, and prayers. “Your devotion has pleased me, my children.” Ifrit said. “Soon we we spread out across Eorzea, and take all the lands under the burning sun as our own.” “Yes, my Lord Ifrit.” The chieftan said. “But… The smoothskins have weapons we cannot match, and they begin to dabble in the foul mechanations of the Garleans. Such a war will be difficult.” Ifrit considered a moment. “You have me as your Lord. By my power you will prevail. As you are instruments of my will, I shall gird you accordingly.” With that, he broke off his own horn, and several of his own claws. The appendages grew back in flame instantly, and he took the parts of himself and concentrated, using the flames to shape and reform them. “You shall carry a part of me into every battle, and with it a fragment of my power. Red hot blades to melt and cleave even the sturdiest armor, fire blessed staves and scepters to quicken your magicks, and bows to wreath your arrows in flame. All these I gift to you.” The weapons, now complete, were lowered onto the ground by the Primal. “My… my Lord!” The Chief was astounded and humbled by the gift. “Thy generosity knows no bounds!” He picked up one of the lances, watching as the tip caught alight, burning like an ember. But then he closed his eyes, and put the weapon down. “No. Such holy relics as these need be reserved for only the direst need, and the worthiest of warriors.” He turned to his people. “Hear me! We shall wage war as it has never been known on the sands of Thanalan! We will drive the smoothskins before us like a firestorm, and those who prove themselves worthy in this great conflict shall then be chosen to bear our Lord’s gift when the day comes to storm Ul’Dah itself! Until that day, these holy relics will remain here, in his care.” The Amalja’a horde roared in approval. Already each of them planned what feats of heroism and might they may accomplish to earn their place as one of the Chosen of Ifrit, to bear his very essence into battle. Later that day, Adventurers snuck into Ifrit’s arena, killed him dead, and knicked all the weapons. “Sweet! They’re all glowy!” The adventurers said. Hearing of the bounty that Ifrit had bestowed on the Amalja’a, Garuda was not to be outdone. She called her followers before her, so they might witness what she was about to create. She plucked several of her own feathers, razor plumes and satin plumes, and set them onto the wind, using it to shape and change them. From her own self, she created blades and staves, superior in every way to the clumsy working of the Fire Lord. Each blade was light, elegant, yet razor sharp. The knuckle weapons and bows made their wielders light as the wind, and able to strike like the tornado. The blessing of the gale suffused all, quickening magicks, both of healing and destruction. The wind could be soft and sharp at the same time, and so too were her works. “Here, my followers. My children of the wind. I gift to you weapons like no other… far superior to the twisted bone and claw travesties Ifrit has foisted upon his followers. These are my prizes to you, which I will bestow on those who serve me the best. Those who spill the most blood in my day, those who claim the greatest prizes for me. Let it be known that those who serve the Gale shall be gifted her bounty! Go forth now, and earn your gifts, for only a few among you may be my chosen champions!” “My Lady, your generosity knows no bounds. But… Ifrit’s gifts were stolen by adventurers. Perhaps we should distribute your bounty now, so that we might use them to further your glory…?” He paused to gather his thoughts. And intestines, as several razor plumes had ripped his guts open. Evidently fatigued by the effort, he lay down face first in the soft earth. “I detest greedy birds.” Garuda growled. “Do not think that I can so easily be robbed by some band of ruffians as Ifrit was! Am I not the greatest of the Primals? Did I not call Titan and Ifrit before me and lay them both low?” “Actually, you kinda got your head bitten off by Ultima Weapon before you could…” Another Ixal said. And immediately got tired and lay down for a nap as well. “Look, go get me pretty shinies and I’ll give you toys!” Garuda huffed. “It’ll take them at least a few months to figure out my mechanics anyway!” Adventurers then defeated her and robbed her later that day. “Sweet! Look at the stats on this sword!” “Can… can we fight her again? I like the way her bottom jiggles when she laughs…” “You’re weird, Steve…” Finally, in the depths of the U'Ghamaro mines, the Kobolds brought worrying news to the Lord of Crags. “Lord Titan, greatest of all the Primals, we have gifted thee with our bounty of crystals, and our fervent worship…” The Kobold Priest began, bowing his head in devoted worship. “URRRPP.” Titan replied majestically. “Err… yes… but there is a danger. The smoothskins once again move against us. Already Ifrit and Garuda have fallen to the predations of adventurers!” “I LIKE THE WAY GARUDA’S BOTTOM JIGGLES WHEN SHE LAUGHS.” Titan replied, with the thoughtfulness and wisdom of stone. “I… what?” The Priest paused, then shook his head. “Nevermind. We must prepare, my Lord. Soon enough they will come here to face you, bearing weapons infused with the might of your fellow Primals!” “INFUSED WEAPONS? HEY… I CAN DO THAT, BRO…” Titan said, standing tall, then moving to a corner of his dias. “That… is very generous, my Lord, but I fear that might only serve to encourage…” “HANG ON… HNNNGH!” Titan squatted, and from his might posterior, a glowing crag of rock emerged. “RRRGH… NOT ENOUGH FIBRE IN THOSE CRYSTALS…” A Kobold Bedesman leaned over and whispered in the Priest’s ear. “Is he…?” “Gifting us with his bounty!” The priest said quickly. “UNNGH!” Titan roared, and a cracked stalactite fell to the ground. “THERE.” A curious Kobold hopped close, examining it. “What… is it my Lord?” “IT’S A SPEAR.” Titan replied. “A… spear?” The Kobold cocked his head in confusion. It looked like a chunk of rock. Glowing, yes, but nothing particularly special otherwise. I mean, they were KOBOLDS. They mined up glowy rocks all the time! “I guess… if you stabbed with the tapered end…” “NO, NO, THAT’S THE END YOU HOLD IT BY.” Titan corrected him patiently. “But…” The Kobold scratched his head. “The end is just blunt rock. Wouldn’t it just be a really long club then? “NEXT WEAPON IS COMING.” Titan replied, squatting once again as the Kobold scrambled out of the way. “THIS ONE IS GOING TO BE A BIG ONE!” “Ugh… must we use these? They don’t seem to be practical at all.” The Bedesman said, sighing softly. “They… are the gifts of our Lord… it would be rude to…” The Priest started. “IT THINK THIS ONE IS COMING OUT SIDEWAYS!” Titan said, in some distress as he strained. The Priest rubbed his temples, feeling another migraine coming on. “Just… leave them here. The adventurers will haul them away.” “They will?” “Anything not nailed down, of course.” “AAAUGH...! CLENCHED A BIT ON THAT ONE. ERR… IT’S A SHIELD. YEAH.”
  6. I think, like anything else, going to extremes on 'specialness' one way or the other is bad. On one hand, yes, the overpowered wunderkind, master of all disciplines of war, magic, land and hand is not a good thing. Even if that's actually possible in game (And in fact, some people approach this as time goes on, game-ability-sie). On the other hand, playing an inept, dull, untalented drip with no redeeming qualities or special abilities is equally bad. It's all about challenges. What makes characters interesting is the challenges they face, and how they surmount them. It's about how they change and grow as they make their journey. And so, for the Sue and the Drip, both boil down to the same issue: Neither grows or changes. The Sue because there is no need, because any challenge the world presents is trivial, and the Drip because they are simply incapable or improving themselves. Challenges are meaningless if they're not a challenge, or if there is zero hope of overcoming them. Also... no one goes into the world, thrusts their fist into the sky and yells out "I'm going to be average! I'm going to be the most average adventurer there ever was!" No... everyone is striving to be something, to be the best at something, or at least the best they can be. Adventurers ARE special. They have something that elevates them above the standard refugee, be it starting position in life, martial skill, determination or drive... determining what lifts your character above the throngs of ordinary citizens should be a core part of creating that character. I personally don't think this special quality should be some plot MacGuffin, such as an ordained destiny, or blessing of the crystal, or summat. Those do come into play, but they should not define your character. Your character is chosen by destiny because they are special, not special because they are chosen by destiny. And what makes them special should endure even if all that destiny or magic or whatnot was stripped away. If your character was pulled from Hydaelin and dumped in the real world, that quality should still exist.
  7. "Okay, time to log in!" "What do you mean you can't find the NA/EU Server List?" "I said log in!" "Maybe if I reboot...?" "Still?! Are you kidding me?" "Maybe I'll go do something else for a bit..." "Let's try... OOOH! I got to the character select screen!" "I'm logging in! I'M LOGGING IN!!" "WHAT?! ERROR 1017?! %$@#!!"
  8. $!#@%!@%!%^!^!%& FUGGIN CAN'T LOG IN $#%!$^%!$# NO SERVER LIST *&(*#@!@#$#% RAAAUGHARGLE SNARL $@!$^%%&*@%$!!! *Try again* URRGH RRRAGHIM FRAGGIN RASSUM #$@!$^!%&!! *Repeat as necessary*
  9. Hmmm... A German name is a good fit for a Highlander, but I might have gon for a more German spelling for the last name. Silber perhaps? 8/10 Assuming your Keeper is female, Nica Locke is a good name. It follows the convention, first and last name are short, one or two syllables, and it has those hard consonants that seem to crop up so often in miqo'te names. 10/10 Here are mine: Hirilonde Turuphant - Male midlander hyuran. Paladin. Isilme Turuphant - Female Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te. Hyuran raised. Paladin (Does not meet naming convention by design) M'ahayi Sodachi - Female Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te.
  10. Well, the official unofficial RP server of 1.0 maybe Glad to have you aboard with us! If you need advice or gear, hit me or Nel up, we have a little RP shop going and plenty of crafting jobs between us to make sure you and your friends are properly geared (Until you get dungeon drops that completely outstrip anything we could craft... *Sigh*) Drama aside, rpers are pretty good at taking care of our own. If you need anything, we will be happy to help.
  11. Well, I would retest it on a lower setting, like High Laptop, and see how that scores. My old PC never could run the game on maximum settings, but could run it quite comfortably under the equivalent of High Laptop for even bustling areas, and it still looked really gorgeous.
  12. ..Did you happen to forget to un-minimize the client? xDD If you mean my screen size, no... I just have a really pathetic monitor. It's the next purchase on the list.
  13. Edmonton, Alberta! I say we all base ourselves out of Limsa Lominsa and recrhisten it New Nova Scotia (New New Scotland? Aheh...) Okay, maybe not...
  14. I think this is tremendously useful regardless of the server. Or game for that matter. A lot of this would have been useful to me when I roleplayed back in FFXI on Sylph. We had our own flourishing troll community (Some of whom actually posted videos on youtube of some of their more relentless trolling of rpers). They tended to lack creativity (Most it was just elezens in subligars spamming whatever emote caused them to hip thrust) but it was frustrating. Very hard to rp a dramatic bedside medical scene (In party chat even) when just outside the door two male elezens are loudly having gay sex in /say and claiming they are roleplaying. I DO think it's an important part of roleplaying to EARN your status by learning to play the game. Just like in D&D, you still gotta level up and earn that status as a badass. If you want to be a talented weaver, then put the effort into it. It's kind of what differentiates this from writing a story. I want to be one of the best Paladins around, and so I know I damn well better be able to back that up with in-game skills. I had a friend that told me about her rp experience in WoW... or more importantly her ATTEMPTS at RP. She was a Paladin, and had worked hard to be as well geared and skilled as she could be in her role (She claimed she was probably the best geared Paladin healer on the server at the time). She was then actually shunned from the rp groups for being a 'raider', and being told having all her epic-tier gear on made her elitist and was 'unfair' to those wearing their level 30 stuff. I think this is the attitude that people fear coming from us. I didn't see any of this in 1.0... In my experience rpls' tended to tackle the endgame content just as vigorously as the other linkshells. Most rpers I know tended to be rightfully proud of their in-game skills, gear, and accomplishments. I think if we continue this way, we will prove ourselves to the doubters. ... But I still am gonna work extra hard to find gear alternatives to Heavy Darklight. Ugh.
  15. Well, not knowing the backstory, and going purely by appearance, I had to toss my vote in for Miqo'te. Now, normally I would agree with Aysun, that players as midlanders are a bit rare, but... the miqo'te seems to have more personality. The hyuran seems almost half asleep there, whereas the miqo'te has sort of a roguish air. Prolly the beard.
  16. My old rig Green Goblin was able to handle the Benchmark pretty easily, though nothing spectacular. He chugged a bit on 'High Desktop' settings, though. I never really tried Maximum. Then, I decided to just bite the bullet. I scraped together some money, and had a more suitable machine constructed for me. Then we set it up and ran the benchmark again, at max settings, and well... We've decided to name this rig "Beast" ^^
  17. Ah, well as far as the Echo goes... It's actually much better explained in ARR. In 1.0, it went like this: You enter a room to speak to someone. There is a woosh, and they carry on the conversation, but their clothes are different. Someone runs in, and something happens. Sometimes you have to fight. Eventually, you learn that you are jumping into people's memories... which doesn't make sense in a lot of cases because you enter a memory, travel somewhere, fight something, then the memory ends and you're STILL THERE, implying that while in the Echo you're sleepwalking around murdering innocent things. It also implies that the main NPCs haven't aged in ten years and that people spend an awful lot of time standing in EXACTLY THE SAME POSITION for considerable spans of their life. It also means that everything you do for the first fifteen levels or so is actually completely pointless because it happened years ago. Eventually you find the Path of the Twelve, which is the organization that become the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, which are a secret organization dedicated to doing... stuff. They're not terribly clear on that point. Minfilia states their goal is to use their powers to help the people of Eorzea, but given our powers are to randomly invade someone's privacy and a copy of Google Translate running in our brains, I'm not entirely sure how that's supposed to work, especially for those who took crafting as their main job. Of course, there was always Parley, a tile-based conversation game like Scattergories with the power to turn away even the fiercest foe in merely five times the time it would take to twat him on the head with a stick... provided they agree to a game in the first place. Then you join the Grand Companies and the Path of the Twelve is never mentioned again, the NPC partner you so carefully selected gets lost in the Market Wards, never to be seen again, and mentioning the existence of Parley becomes punishable by fatal amounts of ridicule. Essentially... I tried to follow the plot of the Echo for the three main cities, and as far as I can tell... the writers didn't have it straight themselves. It was originally designed to make it so you initially couldn't tell what was present day and what was in the Echo, but a few times they got mixed up themselves. The current development team wisely decided that perhaps they should keep it simple, and now Echo manifests itself as grainy filter vision. Otherwise... ARR actually tells you a LOT more about the Echo than you ever learned in 1.0.
  18. You shouldn't have much trouble. The plotline for 1.0, which pretty epic to be part of, was really very straightforward. Nael Van Darnus, gigantic PENIS and professional Hater of Joy for the Garlean Army sees that we have nice things, and decides that the appropriate answer for this crime is to drop a moon on our heads. Gaius Van Baelsar noted that this would undoubtably break our nice things, and perhaps the Garleans would be better using methods that would have a higher chance of leaving those nice things intact so the Garleans could filch them after. But the Emperor was a cranky old bastard and wanted those damn Eorzeans off his grass NOW, even if it meant no more grass. And ignoring the fact it wasn't actually his grass. So in defiance Gaius nobly protested this potential genocide by sitting on the sidelines and occasionally flicking popcorn at Darnus' head as he watched. But Nael had a sinister plot hidden even from the Emperor! See, his purpose wasn't to drop an entire moon on us in an act that would likely wipe out all life in Eorzea, his plan was for the moon to crack open just before impact, carpet bombing the landscape with huge chunks and releasing a city-sized dragon that would fly out and wipe out all life in Eorzea. But, y'know, in a more sinister way because dragon. Naturally, the three rational city states weren't exactly wild about this idea, and decided they needed to stop it. The fourth, Ishguard, decided to stay true to their traditional tactic of sitting behind their city gates and lip twiddling. After all, they were the city-state that was responsible for keeping the dragons at bay! The dragons only they could see and everyone had to take their word for. They didn't have time to spare for any of this corporeal, visible dragon nonsense! So the Alliance hatched this big plan to gather all our forces where Dalamud was going to hit and then... pray really REALLY hard. Like super hard. And then the Twelve would pop up and put the moon back and it'd all be good. In the meantime we killed Darnus deader than dead actually is because we weren't going to stand for him ripping off Gabranth and Sephiroth anymore. Things didn't quite work out that way. The Twelve showed up, or at least big symbols of them, but apparently they weren't prepped for heavy lifting, and Bahamut was kinda squirmy, so they had to go lie down. There was a lot of blindy-whitey stuff going on, we were about to get deadified, and then we weren't and it was five years later and we had a LOT of explaining to do to the tax bureau. And now you know everything we do.
  19. I kinda lost my brain in 1.0. I crafted to be self-sufficient. My goal was to be able to repair any and all pieces of gear myself (This was useful early on, not so much by the end, but I wanted to damnit!). Later on, you needed the 40+ abilities from pretty much ALL the crafts to maximize your chances of HQing, so... I went crazy crafter kitty. Only 2 50's, but everything aside from cooking is well over 30. And I leveled all the combat jobs because someone, somewhere, might need me to go monk someday. And the AF quest storyline stuff was so cool I wanted to see all of it.
  20. I usually try to avoid getting involved in these threads... not because I don't have an opinion, or out of contempt, but most of the time (MOST... sometime my Trolly urges overwhelm... aheheh lockedthread) I just don't want to inflame a situation, or drag on an argument or whatever. But, I feel like I wanna comment here. I'm not gonna bother covering economy or endgame or whatever. People have hashed that out pretty well. No, I'm gonna go the old curmudgeon roleplayer route, and tell a story, and talk about how I feel about all this. To start with... I regret the Gilgamesh/Balmung split. I don't hold a grudge against Gilgamesh players, or refute any of their reasons, because they're wholly valid. But I regret it. I'm sad that so many of you I will never get to meet in character. I'm sad that your ideas and adventures will be happening off over there, in some parallel world, separate from ours. Sure I could make an alt, but that would just cut me off from my friends here, and the story I already have here. So, Gilgamesh players, I selfishly regret the loss of your stories and your selves, and what you could have added to what is already here. I am sad to see you go. My first experience with this sort of thing was back in FFXI. There was no RP server back then, official or unofficial, and rp was basically little pockets across various servers. We were on Sylph, which had a decent rp community, but it had declined in recent years. Well, at one point, some of my friends in the RP community decided to leave for Asura. They all had various reasons, but they were galvanized together by one person, who would become the RPLS leader on Asura when they moved. A significant chunk of the rp community on Sylph up and left, all at once. Sylph rp continued, but many plotlines ground to a halt. We had come up with an rp explanation of them leaving, but there was still a huge hole. RP declined, and due to my own stupidity I got sucked into a pile of ugly drama. So I decided to leave as well, to join my friends on Asura. I left behind a number of friends too, and... it hurt. Because there was really no way to be with them both like I once was. But the embarrassment of the drama, and the encouragement of those on Asura had me make the jump. It was good for a while, until our LS leader on Asura suffered a huge real life issue, and essentially stopped playing. RP simply STOPPED at that point. Asura had great endgame, but... I was suddenly an RPer without a community. I eventually packed up, and went back to Sylph. Sylph was not much better. So many rpers leaving for Asura had really ripped the guts out of the community, and while I was away, it had slowly bled to death, people leaving and no new blood returning. We didn't have an RPC back then, and the forums we used to use to recruit and guide new rpers to us had turned nasty and trollish. So, I stumped along for a while. Most rpers gave up, went on to focus on endgame, or move to a new game. I followed as best I could, but... in a lot of cases I simply couldn't follow them where they went. I would log into the game, and spend hours on meaningless tasks... grinding jobs or crafts in some sort of vain hope that people would start to return, that there would be a shout for a new rpls in Jeuno, or that a friend would drag me aside to tell me about a new rp community. I checked forums and looked around, but... there didn't seem to be much, and I have trouble making new connections, and certainly it's difficult to remake ones that deep and profound. Eventually, regretfully, I left FFXI. The magic it once had was dead, and while it was still a huge, beautiful world full of memories for me... I knew I was never going to make memories like that there again. FFXIV was what reunited so many of us, and thanks to Kylin and his RPC, we started off on a good footing. We picked a server, and by and large rpers went there. The effect was so different from Sylph! There were so many rpers, they would just rp out in the open, in /say... random people would join in. The game had precious little context in those days, so we gave it our own, and as broken as the game was, that experience was incredible. The occasional troll would show up... and be laughed off the server, because we knew, for once, we were not a mocked and marginalized minority. It didn't stay that way forever, of course. People left the game because they had better things to do that fight with an unfinished product, other players came in, and we ended up the minority again... but we were always accepted. There was a kind of peace between rpers and non-rpers. There was still rp in the open, and though our numbers fell, it never felt like it was dying like it did on Sylph. I left my first RPLS... I floated, I had trouble fitting in as I do... but it didn't feel as lonely as it did in FFXI. There were always rpers around the corner, always a friend logging in to talk to. There was a larger community surrounding the linkshells, and even as individual linkshells failed, the community remained. I don't think this would have happened if the community wasn't so large and concentrated. If we had been spread out like in FFXI, I'm sure the initial population die-off would have killed us. But the community in FFXIV felt strong. It felt like... it would outlast me in the game. And indeed it outlasted the game. Seeing something wither and die is never a good experience. I watched an endgame LS I helped build, a couple of roleplay linkshells, and roleplay itself on my server in FFXI, and in the end, I was still left there with nothing but emptiness. And there are only so many times you can rebuild it from the dirt. This is why... I wish there wasn't this need to split. Servers are big places, and you don't have to roleplay with someone you don't want to. Yes, we will always be a contentious lot, and conflict with each other, but in the end, we have more in common with each other than we ever will with the 4channers or Endgamers. I wish we could just pick an end of the server, but stay together, so that in three months, or two years, or however long it takes for all this Legacy nonsense to become meaningless, we'll still have each other. But the reality is, it's there. We're split, and we're weakened, so I WILL say this: Balmung or Gilgamesh, stay together. Even if you don't like an RPer, add them to your friends list. You don't have to talk to them, but if times get dark, you will need each other. Don't abandon the RPC. Gilgamesh is going to be a smaller community, and it will be under siege, and if you let what split us apart split it further, rp on that server will not survive. I don't want anyone else going through what I felt, so if you all must leave for Gilgamesh, the last thing I want for you is to fail. And... don't forget this place. Share your stories now and then. And maybe, someday, we can figure out a way to put all this back together. Sorry for rambling. TL;DR Izzy is being sappy and pointless.
  21. I know you've already gotten what you need, but as a longtime Paladin (From FFXI before 1.0 was even a twinkle, baby!) I thought I'd chime in. Paladins are a tricky class for SE. In FFXI, they were perhaps the only class that SE really got right out of the gate. Just look at the original gear from 1-60, or the AF in FFXI. Some of the stat bonuses you got would just make you scratch your head and say 'What?'. Dark Knights needed accuracy, strength, etc, and they got buffs to their painfully useless (At the time) dark magic and... defense? Warriors got tons of enmity boosts, which they DIDN'T need, and none of the damage mitigation they DID need, etc. Paladins were simple. Defense, healing, damage mitigation. The problem is this makes them very much a one-trick pony. Warriors traditionally can tank or DD, but if Paladins aren't taking hits, one half of their arsenal (Their shields) are useless. Between FFXI and FFXIV, one common thread with most Gladiator and Paladin abilities was the need to get HIT for them to be useful. In 1.0, for a while, marauders/warriors ended up broken. HUGELY broken. They could do bigtime damage, do bigtime AoE damage, had most of the best enmity-grabbing abilities (And could steal the rest from Gladiator) and could damage mitigate like pros. Eventually it evened out a bit, but SE has traditionally been very unwilling to give their 'Sword and Board' tanks any real damage-dealing potential. This means that not only did we NEED to tank to be useful to a party, there was someone out there who could do it vastly better than us. Remember the Natalan parties? Remember all the Paladins? No of course you don't, stop lying! ARR is better, and having done level capped missions as Gladiator/Paladin and Marauder/Warrior, I can say that Paladin does feel like it has the survivability edge, and definitely is more self-sufficient (Though in-combat self healing seems to be almost totally counterproductive now). and with Sword Oath and Survival Instinct, maybe we can pack a bit more punch. But I never in a million years see things being 'PLD Onry'. We've had far too much of that nonsense in the past, and with the obvious pains they went to to balance the two tank classes, I suspect keeping that balance will be a priority, and your tank choice will come down to personal preference.
  22. I think this is a good place to plunk this down. Hirilonde Turuphant is a former Knight of the Barracuda, who left their ranks after the Battle of Carteneau due to a difference of opinion between him and his superiors. They believed that they didn't know anyone named Hirilonde Turuphant, thanks to the effects of whatever happened in the final battle, and Hirilonde failed to argue his position to the contrary effectively seeing as he was stuck in stasis outside of the flow of time for five years. So, abruptly, as he's preparing to catch a megaflare with his face, he suddenly finds himself on the border of Gridania and Coerthas, alone, with no idea how he got there. All his linkpearls are grey and dead, and he only has what little he carried into battle with him. His sword, his shield, his armor, maybe a few rations, but he went light. There's no point in carrying heavy supplies into what is likely your final battle. So now he stumbles into the Twelveswood, unaware that any time had passed. He'll need to meet some people to educate him, possibly treat him for the effects of making the journey from the mountains on foot with insufficient supplies. He has a daughter in Limsa, Isilme (My main), and a wife (M'ahayi, deceased in the Calamity when Bahamut bombed the city,though there is no real way to know this without finding her gravestone) Chances are he's going to need to spend some time in Gridania, to recover, and to earn his way via odd jobs (Gil isn't something you usually carry in large quantities in a fight). It's been a lot of years since he has worked as an adventurer. See his 100 questions if you want to know more: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=2688&pid=35966#pid35966
  23. I've always played healing magic as a kind of accelerant for the body's natural healing, rather than some kind of super medicine. Healing magic, including conjuration and potions, provides an extra aetheric 'boost' to what would happen naturally, vastly accelerating it. This means that while curative magic and potions can heal wounds tremendously fast, it can't do things the body couldn't on its own given time. If a bone is broken, and not set before the cure spell is cast, the bone will heal wrong. Cure spells cannot prevent scarring (Though they can minimize it somewhat). While spells like Esuna can wipe out unnatural poisons and speed the purging of natural ones, it would only affect toxins the body could theoretically purge on its own (Though quite likely the person would be horribly weakened or die before this as accomplished). There are still diseases, ailments and injuries magic cannot fix. Magic cannot regrow lost limbs. Magic cannot bring back the dead. There are likely plagues out there that magic can merely ease the symptoms of. The Alchemist's Guild in Ul'Dah seems to focus more on remedies focused on specific ailments, rather than cure-alls like potions or cure spells, probably because it's necessary to be 100% effective against some of the diseases they fight. You can imagine a trade hub city like Ul'Dah, with a bustling refugee population to boot, keeps them QUITE busy. Eozean medicine is undoubtably more effective than medieval medicine. I may, in fact, be more effective than our current medicine. It certainly is in the field. And I would rate their understanding of medicine as quite high, though their perspective is through the lens of magic, rather than science. Even if the magic is applied using scientific methods, is is still a completely different ruleset. Meaning... as we have antibiotic resistant bacteria out there, THEY have their cure magic resistant diseases as well.
  24. Sitting alone in a dark room with the beta loading screen up on my computer, huddles with my knees up against my chest, rocking back and forth muttering "Yoshi P is coming. Beta will be here soon. Yoshi P is coming. Beta will be here soon." ... Actually, in all seriousness, I'm generally mucking about on PSO2, or the occasional game of Starcraft II or The Old Republic. Having trouble finding people to play WITH though
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