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  1. Given that many of the guards in Ishguard wear Templar armor? I think this is quite reasonable. Thematically, the Ishguardian Dragoons (Not THE Holy Dragoon, but the Dragoon Knights) are much closer to traditional Paladins. Deeply devoted to Halone, locked in a war with an enemy they view as demonic, and very concerned with divine right, honor and justice.
  2. My opinion meshes with a lot here, that trying to shoehorn FFXIV Paladins into the D&D mold... or even any previous Final Fantasy mold... is a mistake. In MOST fantasy lore, Paladins are usually an already-ancient order, with well established traditions and a strong independence from any one nation or ruler. But in Eorzea, I think they are a more recent thing, a martial style created by the Sultansworn. This means they are a creation of Ul'Dah, and are still very much evolving. Right now, the Paladins are in strife, because of an ideological split. You have the Sultansworn, who g
  3. I got banned for 20 days for posting a copy of this post on the Beta forums: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=2548 Side note - A lot of the people posting on the Beta forums never caught on, the rage war in the thread had it at 10 pages in MINUTES, and it was locked about 20 mins after it was created. Fun to troll morons, but potentially costly. Not recommended.
  4. Not much here yet, but let's start it out with the pic from Halcon, acquired for me by the wonderful Nel Celestine For fun, here's some old commissions from FFXI Hirilonde in his younger days A speculative pic of what Izzy might have looked like, before FFXIV ever existed. Hirilonde and M'ahayi.
  5. Many people have wondered about the origins of Primal Weapons. What are they? Why do they exist? This is my theory. The Amalja’a approached their Lord Ifrit one day. Taking to a knee, they placed offerings before him, and prayers. “Your devotion has pleased me, my children.” Ifrit said. “Soon we we spread out across Eorzea, and take all the lands under the burning sun as our own.” “Yes, my Lord Ifrit.” The chieftan said. “But… The smoothskins have weapons we cannot match, and they begin to dabble in the foul mechanations of the Garleans. Such a war will be difficult.” Ifrit
  6. I think, like anything else, going to extremes on 'specialness' one way or the other is bad. On one hand, yes, the overpowered wunderkind, master of all disciplines of war, magic, land and hand is not a good thing. Even if that's actually possible in game (And in fact, some people approach this as time goes on, game-ability-sie). On the other hand, playing an inept, dull, untalented drip with no redeeming qualities or special abilities is equally bad. It's all about challenges. What makes characters interesting is the challenges they face, and how they surmount them. It's about
  7. "Okay, time to log in!" "What do you mean you can't find the NA/EU Server List?" "I said log in!" "Maybe if I reboot...?" "Still?! Are you kidding me?" "Maybe I'll go do something else for a bit..." "Let's try... OOOH! I got to the character select screen!" "I'm logging in! I'M LOGGING IN!!" "WHAT?! ERROR 1017?! %$@#!!"
  8. $!#@%!@%!%^!^!%& FUGGIN CAN'T LOG IN $#%!$^%!$# NO SERVER LIST *&(*#@!@#$#% RAAAUGHARGLE SNARL $@!$^%%&*@%$!!! *Try again* URRGH RRRAGHIM FRAGGIN RASSUM #$@!$^!%&!! *Repeat as necessary*
  9. Hmmm... A German name is a good fit for a Highlander, but I might have gon for a more German spelling for the last name. Silber perhaps? 8/10 Assuming your Keeper is female, Nica Locke is a good name. It follows the convention, first and last name are short, one or two syllables, and it has those hard consonants that seem to crop up so often in miqo'te names. 10/10 Here are mine: Hirilonde Turuphant - Male midlander hyuran. Paladin. Isilme Turuphant - Female Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te. Hyuran raised. Paladin (Does not meet naming convention by design) M'ahayi Sodachi -
  10. Well, the official unofficial RP server of 1.0 maybe Glad to have you aboard with us! If you need advice or gear, hit me or Nel up, we have a little RP shop going and plenty of crafting jobs between us to make sure you and your friends are properly geared (Until you get dungeon drops that completely outstrip anything we could craft... *Sigh*) Drama aside, rpers are pretty good at taking care of our own. If you need anything, we will be happy to help.
  11. Well, I would retest it on a lower setting, like High Laptop, and see how that scores. My old PC never could run the game on maximum settings, but could run it quite comfortably under the equivalent of High Laptop for even bustling areas, and it still looked really gorgeous.
  12. ..Did you happen to forget to un-minimize the client? xDD If you mean my screen size, no... I just have a really pathetic monitor. It's the next purchase on the list.
  13. Edmonton, Alberta! I say we all base ourselves out of Limsa Lominsa and recrhisten it New Nova Scotia (New New Scotland? Aheh...) Okay, maybe not...
  14. I think this is tremendously useful regardless of the server. Or game for that matter. A lot of this would have been useful to me when I roleplayed back in FFXI on Sylph. We had our own flourishing troll community (Some of whom actually posted videos on youtube of some of their more relentless trolling of rpers). They tended to lack creativity (Most it was just elezens in subligars spamming whatever emote caused them to hip thrust) but it was frustrating. Very hard to rp a dramatic bedside medical scene (In party chat even) when just outside the door two male elezens are loudly having gay
  15. Well, not knowing the backstory, and going purely by appearance, I had to toss my vote in for Miqo'te. Now, normally I would agree with Aysun, that players as midlanders are a bit rare, but... the miqo'te seems to have more personality. The hyuran seems almost half asleep there, whereas the miqo'te has sort of a roguish air. Prolly the beard.
  16. My old rig Green Goblin was able to handle the Benchmark pretty easily, though nothing spectacular. He chugged a bit on 'High Desktop' settings, though. I never really tried Maximum. Then, I decided to just bite the bullet. I scraped together some money, and had a more suitable machine constructed for me. Then we set it up and ran the benchmark again, at max settings, and well... We've decided to name this rig "Beast" ^^
  17. Ah, well as far as the Echo goes... It's actually much better explained in ARR. In 1.0, it went like this: You enter a room to speak to someone. There is a woosh, and they carry on the conversation, but their clothes are different. Someone runs in, and something happens. Sometimes you have to fight. Eventually, you learn that you are jumping into people's memories... which doesn't make sense in a lot of cases because you enter a memory, travel somewhere, fight something, then the memory ends and you're STILL THERE, implying that while in the Echo you're sleepwalking around murdering
  18. You shouldn't have much trouble. The plotline for 1.0, which pretty epic to be part of, was really very straightforward. Nael Van Darnus, gigantic PENIS and professional Hater of Joy for the Garlean Army sees that we have nice things, and decides that the appropriate answer for this crime is to drop a moon on our heads. Gaius Van Baelsar noted that this would undoubtably break our nice things, and perhaps the Garleans would be better using methods that would have a higher chance of leaving those nice things intact so the Garleans could filch them after. But the Emperor was a cranky o
  19. I kinda lost my brain in 1.0. I crafted to be self-sufficient. My goal was to be able to repair any and all pieces of gear myself (This was useful early on, not so much by the end, but I wanted to damnit!). Later on, you needed the 40+ abilities from pretty much ALL the crafts to maximize your chances of HQing, so... I went crazy crafter kitty. Only 2 50's, but everything aside from cooking is well over 30. And I leveled all the combat jobs because someone, somewhere, might need me to go monk someday. And the AF quest storyline stuff was so cool I wanted to see all of it.
  20. I usually try to avoid getting involved in these threads... not because I don't have an opinion, or out of contempt, but most of the time (MOST... sometime my Trolly urges overwhelm... aheheh lockedthread) I just don't want to inflame a situation, or drag on an argument or whatever. But, I feel like I wanna comment here. I'm not gonna bother covering economy or endgame or whatever. People have hashed that out pretty well. No, I'm gonna go the old curmudgeon roleplayer route, and tell a story, and talk about how I feel about all this. To start with... I regret the Gilgamesh/Balmung sp
  21. I know you've already gotten what you need, but as a longtime Paladin (From FFXI before 1.0 was even a twinkle, baby!) I thought I'd chime in. Paladins are a tricky class for SE. In FFXI, they were perhaps the only class that SE really got right out of the gate. Just look at the original gear from 1-60, or the AF in FFXI. Some of the stat bonuses you got would just make you scratch your head and say 'What?'. Dark Knights needed accuracy, strength, etc, and they got buffs to their painfully useless (At the time) dark magic and... defense? Warriors got tons of enmity boosts, which they DIDN
  22. I think this is a good place to plunk this down. Hirilonde Turuphant is a former Knight of the Barracuda, who left their ranks after the Battle of Carteneau due to a difference of opinion between him and his superiors. They believed that they didn't know anyone named Hirilonde Turuphant, thanks to the effects of whatever happened in the final battle, and Hirilonde failed to argue his position to the contrary effectively seeing as he was stuck in stasis outside of the flow of time for five years. So, abruptly, as he's preparing to catch a megaflare with his face, he suddenly finds him
  23. I've always played healing magic as a kind of accelerant for the body's natural healing, rather than some kind of super medicine. Healing magic, including conjuration and potions, provides an extra aetheric 'boost' to what would happen naturally, vastly accelerating it. This means that while curative magic and potions can heal wounds tremendously fast, it can't do things the body couldn't on its own given time. If a bone is broken, and not set before the cure spell is cast, the bone will heal wrong. Cure spells cannot prevent scarring (Though they can minimize it somewhat). While spells l
  24. Sitting alone in a dark room with the beta loading screen up on my computer, huddles with my knees up against my chest, rocking back and forth muttering "Yoshi P is coming. Beta will be here soon. Yoshi P is coming. Beta will be here soon." ... Actually, in all seriousness, I'm generally mucking about on PSO2, or the occasional game of Starcraft II or The Old Republic. Having trouble finding people to play WITH though
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