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Linkshell vs Company


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Has Square Enix released ANY official information on the Company system?


I'm feeling a bit frustrated as its so close to release and I can't find any information on the system.


From what I understand the Company system is a Linkshell on steroids, but I haven't found concrete information on what the benefits actually are. :\

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Has Square Enix released ANY official information on the Company system?


Short answer? No.


Long answer? Nooooooooooo ... ... ... ... ooooooo.


Basically, what you already said is what most anyone knows. They're like linkshells, but also not. They're allegedly more like other game's legions or guilds, but that could just be conjecture.

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Bump because there's no point creating a new thread about it.


An interview by Dengeki was released today. Not much interesting stuff in it so I'm not posting it in the Headlines. However, there was this interesting tidbit:


Tanaka: In FFXI, there are Linkshells, which are like casual groups of players. In FFXIV we want to have a system for more tightly-knit groups, called Companies. So while there is a lot of flexibility in customization, a player will also gradually define their identity within their own Company.


-- Since Companies weren't present in the beta, people have been left wondering how they will be implemented.


Tanaka: We plan to add Companies in a version update after the game's release, so it's still a secret. (laughs) The plan is to continue with the Linkshell system once service begins and eventually morph existing groups into Companies, which will let them operate more like guilds or clans.

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Okay. Pretty much as I figured... I wonder why they are being so tight lipped on the features of them' date=' though? Seems like if they have something special planned they should be trumpeting it about to encourage people to check out the game. *shrug*[/quote']


This is SE we're talking about, regardless of how much info they decide to keep from us, they know fans of the series will play. I mean, look at us; we're playing the early access and it's only somewhat different than beta. They haven't hit the 'on' switch for everything yet. :P ..................... :frustrated:

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