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Servers open tonight, Lodestone, and FAQ


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From the new Lodestone site (the place where all FF14 related news will be posted directly from SE):




At 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 21 (PST), players who purchased the FINAL FANTASY XIV Collector's Edition will have the opportunity to log into World servers over a week in advance of the official service launch. We wish those lucky adventurers the best of travels through the exciting realm of Eorzea.


For information on obtaining a Square Enix account, setting up a payment plan, importing character names from the Open Beta test, and more, click here.


Detailed information on controls and other aspects of gameplay can be accessed via the Play Guide on the left-hand menu bar.



Today marks the beginning of service for owners of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Collector's Edition, a full week before the official launch of service. To coincide with this, we are releasing a FAQ that addresses a number of issues garnering attention among the player community in recent days.


Also, we hope you will take this opportunity to view the Eorzea Prelive report for an inside look at the FINAL FANTASY XIV event which took place last week in Tokyo.



Q: Why should I bother making parties for levequests?

A: In general, as players increase in level, it will become easier to earn skill and experience points when fighting in a party as opposed to fighting solo. Regarding levequests specifically, the more players participating, the better the rewards earned from the treasure chests will be (regardless of whether the party members are leve linking or leve sharing).


Leve Link: Participating in a levequest where you possess the same guildleve as the one activated.

Leve Share: Participating in a levequest where you do not possess the same guildleve as the one activated.


Q: Why should I leve link?

A: Not only will level linking make it easier to complete the quest, but difficulty and completion rewards will be affected, as well as the rate at which treasure chests appear.


Q: Will there be any more guildleve variations?

A: Of course. The main concept behind levequest design was to make low-level quests simple and easy to understand, and then gradually increase their complexity in proportion to their recommended level. This was done to allow party members to concentrate on discussing preferred skill sets, monster weaknesses, and battle regimens, while not having to worry too much about a vast amount of special rules. Once players have had the opportunity to get used to party-play, they can then move on to the more varied high-level quests, such as faction leves.


In addition, several new types of guildleves are currently being developed for future patches.




Q: Why should I participate in behests?

A: Rewards and skill progression bonuses are similar to those received by parties on levequests, and there is no cost to the player to participate.


Q: When can I participate in behests?

A: Every hour, on the hour, battlewardens will appear near aetheryte camps. Speak with him or her to join the behest.


Q: Why can I not attack certain monsters during behests?

A: Just as with those in normal battles, once engaged, monsters in behest are also claimed by parties/individuals.




Q. How can I review recipes that I receive on local levequests?

A. At present, there is no way to review a recipe once it has been obtained. We are currently looking into means to make working with recipes easier, but until a system has been settled upon, players can find a recipe database on the FINAL FANTASY XIV Lodestone by navigating to Play Guide >> Synthesis, and then selecting the skill the recipes of which they wish to browse.



User Interface

Q. Will I be able to keep the actions set to my action bars when I change classes?

A. Beginning with the launch of game service, action bars will no longer reset when players change classes. Actions that can no longer be used once a class change is made will simply not consume action points. In this manner, players will no longer find themselves without sufficient action points to equip the actions they desire when changing from, for example, a miner to a gladiator. In addition, by employing user-defined macros, players can change their class, equipped gear, and actions simultaneously.


Q. Is there a way I can send a /tell to another player without having to type out the player's full name?

A. By opening the auto-translate dictionary feature and scrolling to the Audience option, players can view a list containing the names of nearby players. The list will also contain the names of people from whom the player has received /tells, as well as those to whom /tells have been sent. Further, a shortcut command (CTRL+R) will be added for quick and easy replying.

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Forgive my ignorance' date=' but what is a "Behest"?[/quote']


Taken from ffxivcore wiki





Behests are quests to vanquish monsters, occasionally occurring near certain aetheryte and aetherial gates. Players can receive rewards such as items for successfully completing them.


The Flow of a Behest


1. Should a behest be issued, speak to the battlewarden appearing near the aetheryte or aetherial gate to accept it.


* You can cancel a behest by speaking with the battlewarden once again.


2. When it is time to start, the number and names of the monsters to defeat will appear in a window, much like in a levequest.


3. Once all of the monsters have been vanquished, speak with the battlewarden to receive your reward


and really neat site

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gamespot pre-order is available.....tommorrow at 10am. I'm still questioning whether to use a sick day or not (considering I took off the entirety of next week' date=' not likely) :moogle:[/quote']


I think I am, but I actually got sick at work today >_< problem is I'm a teacher, and I just think it looks bad to miss a day of work in September unless death is involved :tonberry:

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Ctrl+R to reply to last tell like XI? OMG my weepings were heard! Thank you so much SE!!


Now to hope people will randomly party up and not be silly and solo everything.


OMG thats just wonderful, that made my day, will make things so much easier,


Ohh and i hope that will be the case to, didn't really get to party up with anyone in beta *lays hir ears down*

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And after you hit space to type


You know, I was going to say "Only because if you don't hit space, it'll bring up your Ctrl+# macros" ...


... but then I remembered, you know, it did that in XI as well, but didn't have the detrimental effect of negating using Ctrl+R to respond to a /tell despite your Ctrl macros popping up at the top of the screen.


What the heck, Squenix. :?

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I've found that running the game windowed at full resolution fixes these issues. I appreciate that seeing the very bottom of the bar up at the top (after dragging it as high as it will go of course) can get annoying, but it's worth being able to use the rest of your computer.

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