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Newbie questions!

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Hello, one and all! I've just started FFAR a couple days ago and I just have a few questions regarding the game itself. Having come from games like SWG, WoW and GW2, I'd just like to know what this game and it's company can do.


1.) I heard that rolling was taken out of this game recently. In some cases of RP, sometimes it's better to opt for a roll system for battles or during events in which you're DM'ing. Without the ability to /roll, do you guys use third-party sites such as rolz.org?


2.) Something I'm a little more worried about. PvP didn't come with this game I recall; it was later introduced via a patch and the Wolf's Den, and more patches with more options for PvP is coming soon. What's SE's history with overall PvP gameplay and class balancing?

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Welcome to the game and forums! :D


I dont claim to be a guru of this game at all but can help you a little.


I often use rolling for combat during my rps and the system I use, and a lot of others I rp with use, is the dice site rolz.org. Pretty much everyone on Balmung knows the site so its really easy to get going. 


As for pvp, I haven't done a lot in this game, but what I have done, it seems balanced fairly well. One thing ARR does is that it limits some abilities of a class and then offers only pVP abilities to help keep the balance. Now, as I said, haven't done a lot but it is enjoyable.


Hope that helps! :D

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I've only recently started to do the PvP in FFXIV but I'm having lots of fun. Some classes aren't as useful in the light party setup (1 tank, 1 ranged dps, 1 melee dps, 1 healer) which is what we get until 2.3 and Frontlines 8v8v8 16v16v16 or 24v24v24


From what I heard before they used to have it where there was no restricts and you'd have SMN and others that in a premade that would absolutely devastate another team. Some class/job abilities that normally work in PvE don't work in PvP.


Certain Class/Jobs are probably more desired than others for the utility they bring to the table. I'd say that atm Bards aren't one of those preferred ranged classes as they don't give things like sleeping targets or the absolute face melting dots that SMN have. But a sick BRD can really dish out the DPS and hurt >.<

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