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Helloooo Balmung!

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My name is Meg, and I've been playing FFXIV since before it became ARR, but didn't get very far thanks to butting up against my own impatience. I've started all over again and am anxious to not only have fun with the mechanics of the game but to get in some nice roleplay as well!


My main on the server is going to be Heavenly Calyx, the lovely Roegadyn lady in my avatar. She has her mum's eyes, a tinge of her dad's coloration, and all of their self confidence combined. ...which may or may not be a good thing. Currently she's tutoring with the Conjurer's guild in Gridania in the hopes that a firm respect for life and death will give her enough grounding to keep herself out of unnecessary trouble. And maybe the chops to handle it if she doesn't feel like keeping out of it.


A secondary is S'Amina Fhey, a kindly but socially awkward Seeker of the Sun lass. She's just out to prove that having a head thick enough to break rocks (as her mam says she has) isn't ALL bad. She's taken up with the Pugilist's guild to hone her scrappiness into something a little more useful, and is eyeing the Miner's guild in hopes that some literal rock breaking might earn her some cash.


As for myself, I've been roleplaying since before I knew that was the name for what I was doing! I'm 31, and forever making characters in both existing worlds and original ones. There's a lot of tabletop, chatroom, forum, and e-mail roleplay under my belt, and I'm almost always happy to fling a bit of IC interaction out there once I can get past my massive case of the SHYS. So, hello!

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Meg! It's Meg! omg! I'm glad to see you around! Seriously let me know if you need anything in game, like dungeon running, or help with quests. Also, if you wanna make character ties, lemme know. I can help you get out of those SHYS and introduce you around if you like.


People, this is Meg, a damn fun RPer, and all around awesome person.

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*happy screech* Aaaaa friends and nice people abound! My work schedule is crap (aka, not set so shift/days vary) so I am on in fits and spurts aside from guaranteed Saturdays. But! I will try to get myself out there on those odd days off, and write up some backstory/make a directory profile/wiki page to get things on that end rolling!

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