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Hey everyone!


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Hey Everybody!


So I'm completely new to Balmung :D and am super excited to explore Eorzea with all of you! As for some background, I did play FFXIV original a long time ago but didn't get too far (I mostly roleplayed some). I also did play FFXIV:ARR on release but due to life and etc. had to quit early... but now I'm back! And I have completely started over on Balmung! 


As for RP I'm looking for somewhere around moderate roleplay, probably not hardcore and probably not extremely little. My main character's name is "Valirek Animus" btw, feel free to message me or whatnot. Also I'd love to get to meet/play/roleplay with you all so please don't be shy.


On further note, I also joined this game without any friends, so I'm still looking for a LS or some people to play with in general.


P.S. I didn't even get to lvl 20 when I played a long time ago, so I'm still pretty new haha


Thanks for reading my post!

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Welcome to Balmung!


First off, if you need an LS for RP there are plenty and it shouldn't be hard to find someone willing to get you into one. 

I started the game with only one friend, so I've been to a very similar place as you have been. It'll be more than fine, you'll be making friends in no time.


Anyway, "August Lansborough" will bother you as soon as he can. Good luck, and enjoy!

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Welcome to the RPC and to Balmung, Valirek!


If you're searching for a crew to be a part of, there's a whole bunch of awesome linkshells and FCs listed in the Linkshell section of the website.


Hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions about the game in regards to leveling up and what not - don't be afraid to ask.

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