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Hello, I am Frost Maiden, and I am an Altoholic!

I'm trying real hard to dedicate a character as 'the one'. I think Frost Maiden is fun; however, I always hear those whispers when I'm left with nothing to do, suggesting things such as, "Oh! But what about this as an Elezen?" This problem is persistent to the point where I've never max leveled on a MMORPG except once! (I spiraled out of control after that.)


My indecisiveness lately has been very off putting to those that I know, and I feel like it has been spiraling out of control! So I was wondering what were some good tips to stay focused on a singular character and not to get distracted by a bunch of possibilities, and instead focus on creating a reality.


Because I like all the races so much (especially Elezen and Roegadyn) that whenever I'm on one, I just find myself longing the other. Ah! If only I had the time in my life to have it all~


Anyways, I suppose the point of the discussion to see if there was any other altoholics out there, and if they could maybe tell me their ways to stay focused on just one character! Thank you!

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I am not an altoholic, but perhaps this will be useful.


I stay focused on one character because I am terrified of the time investment required for a fresh alt. Between the length of the story quests and patch content, and the incentives for leveling new classes and jobs on the same character, I'm pretty solidly discouraged from making a new character.


Of course, I'm looking at this from the perspective of PvE. Your post indicates you're looking at character concepts and roleplay. That makes things a bit trickier. In such instances I usually think about the time I have available and how likely I am to actually see the character used in roleplay beyond a few scenes at most. There are a lot of concepts I have that I like but will never use because I suspect they'd wind up largely decorative when put into actual play. 


Obviously, the above attitude requires a pretty cynical outlook on what will and won't be received well in RP, but it's served me well in keeping me focused.

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As a fellow altaholic, I can sympathise with your plight.


I have 5 characters. Tiergan wound up being my main in the end, but I also have Lurial at level 50 due to my inability to decide on which one would be my main character. <_<;a I gave Tiergan all the melee classses while Lurial got all the caster classes.


As for my other alts - I got them to level 15, which is the level where you get your airship pass and are able to freely move about between the three cities. This enables me to use them exclusively as RP alts and I can level them up at my leisure after doing all the PVE stuff on Tiergan/Lurial.

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I feel XIV doesn't lend itself too well to having alts if you're also trying to cap weekly points / raid / not burn yourself out between patches. I played multiple characters in both XI and WoW so it's a bit jarring to only have one soul here.


I've got a level 5 alt that was my main from XI I keep telling myself I'll get around to leveling, but...


Also, Frost: Clearly the solution is to purchase an offensive amount of Fantasia potions and just shift with the moon phases.

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I used my free Fantasia because I was too lazy to remake my character in the morning hours... Darn server locks! Actually, part of the reason I went with "Frost Maiden" was so that I could just change my race on a whim, and the name would still probably fit. Thanks for some of the tips everyone!

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I was a Altoholic in my time in WoW only because I was curious about the other play styles of other classes. ((To this date I have like toons across the 3 servers I played on. All different specs of different classes like level 50 plus. Only like 4 of them is 90 and one was my Dranor pre -order boost)) But for FFXIV not so much I have a few I hop on now and then to level and think about Rp ideas but given I can level everything on just U'roh and as they said tome caps and what not make me tend to focus on my floofy tailed Miqo.

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I have 3 characters that I play.  Two of them are at 50 one is sitting at 30.  I got through most of it via the Duty Finder and the bonuses I got there.


I have a fourth sitting at 20.  But, I'm in no rush to get him to 50 either. I'll do it sloooowly.  Otherwise it's all for rp. >.>

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