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Criminal-type plot idea.

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So, I have this one plot idea in my head that I'd really like to kick off. Potentially: it will involved as many Balmung roleplayers as possible, both in-game and out-of-game. I haven't worked out all the details just yet, but, in a sense it is a pretty basic concept: Criminalistic bunch are creating and distributing drugs in an area (undecided between the three cities). Naturally, the response of the cities guards are to investigate, but, there should be chances for adventurers to join the fray, or for righteous people to investigate. Or perhaps you're an Alchemist/Scholar and wish to learn more about the drug? Or perhaps you've got some criminal intent and wish to get a cut of the gil?


Whatever the case, I'd love a huge turn-out and lots of participants. The big "catch" of this particular plot, and the reason I want to try and get so many people in the first place is because I'd like to work up some rumors and see how they spread ICly amongst other Roleplayers. That is, roleplayers who are not on RPC, who may have just joined the RP community, or just joined Balmung, etc etc.


I'd also like to point out that, another point of this RP is that the criminals are supposed to be stopped at some point, so, if you have a criminal character and don't want them killed or captured, let me know so I can have an NPC take the fall or something. :P


More or less, this plot is an experiment and you are all my little piggies :3



I'll also add that, I am willing to do this over multiple venues so that people can enjoy it and all. Skype RP, In-game, Google Docs, and what have you are all fine to participate.


That all being said, I do want to know what people think of the idea before I start moving along with it. I'd also like to know if people enjoy the idea of having rumors spread around during in-game RP time. I do hope this seems like a bit of fun for the family, because it seems pretty awesome in my head.


Without further ado, let the comments commence.

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I'd still like some feedback from the RPC community, or questions if there is any confusion.


I've gotten tons of positive feedback elsewhere and I think I will begin this plot fairly soon.


That being said, I suppose I was kind of cryptic in my last post regarding this, so, I'll be a little more open now that I know what the plot will more or less consist of:


An unknown substance has been distributed in the three major city-states. Currently, the investigation is at a halt due to it's origins being unknown, as well as the identity of it's distributors. The first reported case of the substance being used apparently has caused a man to go on a rampage in one of the camps in Thanalan, critically injuring those he thought were "Garleans". The effects of the drug are still under investigation as well.


What this plot will revolve around, or what it should revolve around is:

  • The drug. What is it? What does it do? How does it work? For this, any characters who are scholars, alchemists, etc may find this interesting.
  • The criminals behind the drug distribution. Law enforcement RPers and heroic types are welcome. In the same respect, it would be very cool if there were some "middle-man" RPers who wouldn't mind possibly getting caught by law enforcement. Or if the Law enforcement wouldn't mind letting these criminal types get away (don't worry, I have something planned for either situation.)
  • The rumors that spread about the drug. Rumors that "Kami'ra Jaan has been using the drug!" or "I heard a man jumped off a cliff after using it!" The rumors should be sent to me so I can update them, they will be updated so long as people participate and people can use them as fuel for the RP!

  • The drug users. Anyone wanna try the drug out? Maybe be a little addicted to it? Just message me and we will definitely do something big in-game or out-of-game for all to hear/see!

Again, this plot is also just me trying out something new with people. I've never done this with a large RP community, and I wanna see how it all plays out. I have a lot of faith that it'll be pretty cool and fun, so, please let me know if there are questions! Message me, send me an ask on tumblr (jacehunter.tumblr.com/ask) or email bronxwalker17@gmail.com if you need to! I will respond as quickly as I can! Just let me know who you are and your question.


The name of the drug will be Dream Ink. Though, it will likely be shorted to just Ink when spoken about freely in RP.


Tumblr users can follow #Dream Ink if they would like to track things about the plot on their blogs.


In any case, that all being said, I do think I will flesh out as much details as I can and begin this plot very soon. So, I look forward to hearing from people!

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Awesome, Ragnar. Shoot me a message and we can chitchat! :)




Rumors, when posted, should not be used to Godmode. Unlessss you know the person in a specific rumor, do not approach them and try to arrest or otherwise interact with someone without proper IC-knowledge. I know, this should be a given, but I foresee some issue with such and I would like to avoid it at all costs.

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I'm quite glad people are taking interest! I hope more of Balmung will be open to the idea and spread some serious rumors. I really wanna bring out some real emotions in people's characters with this. haha.


Likely, I'll be starting this whole thing this week, on the 24th. I'll setup a rumors thread/Google docs, and it should be on tumblr under the tag: #Dream Ink as well. More information will be readily available soon.

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My Melfice is a book-type and would be more than happy to look into the drug itself, along with taking care of his own deeds and priorities.


He likes investigating and finding out the what-ifs, whys, and hows to these kinds of things!

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I am glad to see so much input and to see that people are excited for this. I'm getting pretty pumped myself.


Since I will be gone from July 1st to the 8th, and since July 8th is supposedly 2.3patch, I will likely begin this plot quite soon and drag it out over the next week and a half or so, supposing I can.


So, expect to see this plot in mostly-full-swing by Tomorrow or Wednesday. At the least. At the most, it might have to wait until after I get back. Or perhaps, someone might be able to relay messages to me and such so I can instruct while I am away.

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