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Help joining a RP :3


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Hello! I am very very interested in RP in this game and have done lots of research. I love Final Fantasy games and I love Roleplaying as well and want to get into it on this game. But... I have this game but my account is unactive until my summer officially starts (I am taking Online classes which take higher priority.) Although I still find myself with lots of free time and I do not know how to spend it. So I wanted to get started in RPing on this game. First by asking if there are any roles I can fill in someones RP where we can make up for the fact that I can't physically roleplay over skype or on forums. (Although admittedly I have never forum RPed before.) Maybe I am someones cousin who lives far away overseas and we can only communicate by letter. (IE skype or forums.) Or maybe someone is taking time off exploring somewhere and I am a native and we do more in detail RP over forum/skype. ect. I am a little picky on what roles I will fill. I am a Male and prefer not to play girl characters. In previous RPs I do tend to get a bit hardcore into roleplaying so I would want to RP a lot with whoever I am RPing with. So I am a heavy RPer. I have found playing cocky, kid, innocent, and evil players more enjoyable but I can fill many roles if they sound interesting enough. Thank you for your time and any offers are very welcome.

ありがとうございます!:D P.S. Sorry the message is so long Q_Q

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So I attempted to make a thread. Hopefully that works. It is no where near as professional as some of you majestic authors can produce but it is a start. If you have any more advice I would gladly accept it. Thank you thus far for the idea.

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