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Spotify Character Playlists

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I received a message about this when I said something on the character music thread asking me to make this a separate thing.


I'm unsure how many people use Spotify, but I have used it for years. You can make your own playlists and it's 100% free. They've got just about everything you can think of there and the only annoyance is a periodical ad (which is why it's free).



That aside, you can link people your playlists and you can follow the playlists of others. It's pretty nifty for compiling playlists because you never have to worry about the lag from videos or a video suddenly disappearing so that you forget what's missing from your playlist.


Here is a playlist I am currently compiling for my character, A'ria Ashkala.



I recommend getting the actual player, but you can also just listen in a web browser.

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Started one up for Kendha'to. I love this sort of thing. You can get a pretty good look inside a character's head and at the player's musical tastes, which I always find interesting. I've been introduced to a lot of great artists through threads like these.

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