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Pirates Of a Wayward Star (Balmung)


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IC Intro - The Scholar Captain




Hey everybody...you thought I was going to say, "ahoy there mateys!" didn't you? Come now, that's just an offensive stereotype, but luckily for you I'm the generous kind of captain or I'd have cut your balls off already (or tits, let's not be sexist).


Yes folks, I am the Captain of the Pirates of a Wayward Star. I'm sure you've got lots of questions, such as, "if you're a captain, where's your longcoat?" and "Really, you're calling yourself a pirate? Why don't you just shout it out so the guards can hear ya?", "aren't you a little well spoken?" or "you're a flipping cat! Why should I take orders from you?" Well, for each of those questions is a story and you may one day know the answers or not. For the time being, why don't you hook up with my crew?


So, what's in it for you? I could say, "adventure" but there's so many adventurers these days and adventure is kind of a given. But being a pirate is about being free, I know, idealist drivel - I've sailed with pirates and met all sorts of captains making slaves out of a crew. A pirate's life isn't free and it isn't all whistles and songs, don't let the bards kid you. It's the rubbish they feed you when your mummy kicks you out of the house for stealing. My old captain was like that, he was a real piece of work. I staged a mutiny, killed the bastard and it paid off. Now, I could give some inspirational rant about how everybody's a brother or a sister and make you throw up. Truth is, I avoided becoming the captain I hated. But this is a bit of a tangent.


Ah yes, now I'm back on track, I'm a captain and I need more crew! And what is this crew to do? Well, for starters, I'd like to avenge my old crew. What happened? You don't need to know, really. Maybe we'll do some noble things, like save an orphaned child...well, maybe if there's money to be made. Or less noble things. I welcome all odds and sods, except maybe those who'll stab us in the back. If you're new to this whole pirating malarkey, don't worry, we'll take you under our wing. Can't fight? Can't tell your head from your toe? Don't worry, that was me once and now look at me (I still can't fight, but I can do magic tricks), you'll pick it up. Best of all, you don't have to be a stereotype. If you really want to "yeargh", it's up to you, knock yourself out.




Our Website


Hello folks! Pirates of a Wayward Star, one of the founding Free Companies and Linkshells of Gilgamesh has made its way to Balmung.


For various reasons we have decided to make Balmung our new home and hope to get some good RP with our new neighbours. It was sad for us to leave, we've made a sacrifice in saying goodbye to some friends and also our house and rank 8 FC, but onto new pastures and such, we have already started raising money for a new one, possibly a medium or large and of course, we hope to make new friends here.


The FC


We're a cozy group, we've never had the intentions of being a large group. But we encourage those looking for some relaxed fun and quality RP to join. We take a down-to-earth approach to RP and management and we discourage drama as we like to keep it a comfortable environment to RP with. But, our way is not everybody's way, which is why to join the FC we now ask for interview procedure - just to make sure you're going to be happy with us.


The LS


We are split into 2 different LS's, OOC and IC. This was approach that we found wonderful for our RP on Gilgamesh, we found we made lots of friends with people of other FC's and this was a brilliant way to keep in touch and encourage RP. In fact, it was the place to be to know what we're doing. We are taking the same approach to Balmung, if you wish to join. Let us know. Bear in mind, FC members will *always* come first.


Our Approach


We're primarily an RP group, we're very much story arc focused and we enjoy a dramatic approach, for us RP is more of a living novel than a form of a social media through characterisation. Though we are very social and try to be as inclusive of anybody as we can. We intend to make friends with the people we RP with. Our group also extends to endgame content, though it doesn't take advantage over any RP, we of course play to experience the game and endgame is a big part of it so we include it in our activities.


Whilst we are laid back, we do have a certain amount of structure and we do expect rules and guidelines to be expected, though such things are never perfect, so often or not we look at situations. Whilst we love and respect lore and encourage people to respect it - as it affects people's immersion, we'd not lore Nazis and of course, are always willing to offer help and advice.


Our Council


We're a democratic crew, we respect the views and opinions of our members and act out of their best interest both ICly and OOCly - for example, our move to Balmung. The Captain may be a drunk and a fool, but after all the hell he's been through, he values his crew above all else. But to shoot us up in game, the council is below.


Captain: Saefinn Liljasson

First Mate: Cassandria Everfree

Recruitment Officer: Strawberry Charlotte

Game Officer: Hana Ohara

Roleplay Officer: Beldrem Cando

Enforcement Officer: Kazas Arkon



You can contact us in game or through our website. I am working on a new website with possible email accounts - stay tuned.


How To Join


Get a hold of us and we can give you an interview so we can begin. :)


Contact us via the website/submit an application through the site

Find us in game

Post Here


Find our FC in game - Wayward Star[star] and submit an application

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