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  1. Specifically something that can be made simply (as I'm terribly unartistic) and linked in a search message. Bonus if it allows for multiple pages for multiple characters. Anyone have any suggestions, or praise for one you use yourself?
  2. People seem to be under the impression that they'll be allowing new characters and not just transfers, which I highly doubt. Don't get your hopes up.
  3. So as I've finally caved and begun making wikis for some of my characters I've run into an issue. I generally loathe such things as it's my opinion that any sort of information about a character should be learned by interacting with them, but it almost feels like a prerequisite for anyone on Balmung to take you seriously these days so I went ahead with it anyway. My issue stems from deciding exactly how much information should be put there, as even if the website is supposed to be used as an OOC source of information it's not unusual for the information learned there to seep into how people be
  4. Hello all, been ages since I posted anything on here but my wife and I have recently returned from a break from the game only to find ourselves guildless and we're hoping to find an RP-FC to join up with and get back into the RP community. Our characters are a pair of Miqo'te, one a seeker and one a keeper, who up until very recently have been up in Ishgard for personal reasons. After finally leaving they discovered the group they belonged to had disbanded in their absence and are now basically slumming it while trying to figure out what to do. We're looking for an active group to be a pa
  5. Star Ocean 3 ruined the franchise, I dunno how it can possibly be your favourite. <_>
  6. My wife and I would be interested in joining you guys. Out in-game names are Khal Malaguld and Kyoko Onishi. We'd be glad to go through an interview and all that if you'll have us.
  7. Fact: Tumblr thinks everything is sexist, racist, ableist, etc.
  8. If you have 4 of the 2-star beastman cards (the ones with 3 6's each)and a decent 3 star or higher (I use Bahamut), the Indolent Imperial is hands down the easiest and most profitable to farm. His ascension rule has made it so I either win or draw every time, and both are a gain of MGP (win is 120, draw is 48).
  9. I'm in a bit of a rut in general. I've got every card from http://ffxivtriad.com/npcs down to the 25 MGP (sorting by fee) and everyone in the 25 bracket besides Buscarron just seems to kick my ass. Are there any guides or tips floating around for the harder NPCs?
  10. Lore isn't up for interpretation in most cases. It may be your opinion that your character is the secret love child of Cid and Nero and that Chocobos come from the moon, and that's great, but you'd be wrong. If someone corrects you or wants to discuss something like this, they're not trying to upset you or troll you, they're usually trying to save you further grief down the road. Also I couldn't help but laugh at the idea of a 'pro roleplayer'.
  11. Parents should be keeping their children away from people who talk about things they're not comfortable with their kids hearing. You don't bring your child into a bar and tell everyone there not to cuss in front of your precious baby. Just like you don't join a linkshell/FC/forum and tell people not to discuss things that might make you uncomfortable when it's in your power to mute them or leave.
  12. Why should anyone have to do something so obtuse over 2-3 people that can't be bothered to back off before things turn sour? This was the whole point of my first post: have consideration for your fellow players. It really isn't that hard, folks. If you're the only one offended over something 2-3 people are discussing wouldn't it make more sense for you to blist them or leave bing a single person instead of expecting a group of people minding their own business to cater to you?
  13. For me, the key word here in the second option is "uncomfortable." I am a great believer in discourse, discussion, and that many people outside of the initial debate become more informed when there is a debate on an issue. By Seriphyn and I debating lore (using this example) I believe that a 3rd party may come to learn something from both my point of view and/or Seriphyn's and then come to form their own opinion on the matter by measuring each others' points, just as we, the debaters may come to an agreement where before we differed. That said, the moment our discussion becomes unco
  14. I think it comes from a lot of RPers not wanting to be told their RP is "wrong", even if the established lore and the community at large tells them they are. It doesn't help when there are people encouraging them to ignore any sort of criticism.
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