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Not all that New, but Hi Again!

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Hey everyone! So I left this game a while ago, pre-housing even I think. Well long story short I've been tempted back in and, in the process of trying to revive my account I wound up totally accidentally reviving my OLD account, my pre realm-reborn one with one little alt left on it. Figured it was a sign I probably need to start fresh, huh? I'm not losing a ton, I was very casual before this.


So, hello again all! I keep trying to leave and this game keeps pulling me back, I guess that's a mark in its favor considering how many MMOs I've left behind with no problem.

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Wooo! I too left long ago (albeit um, right at the first launch -- their silence towards beta feedback combined with friends' reports about the finished game convinced me to wait awhile) and came back. I am happy to say that the rp community is absolutely wonderful and pretty easy to get back into so long as you're willing to communicate with others. Welcome back!! What sort of character are you looking to make?

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Yea I'm super glad to see this place still alive, this is a great bunch of RPers.


I'm thinking of kinda remaking my old main character, a Lalafel, but having her be a bit changed, so I'm a bit torn if I wanna keep her loyal to good ol Limsa as a Marauder/Arcanist like she was before (and keep easy access to fishing/cooking guilds...) or if I wanna make her wash up in the forests to be a Lancer or something else kinda fresh.

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Shotgunbadger!!!! I know that user name! We were in the same guild in GW2, this is Jineah!


Aw snap I know you! Hey there! 8-)


And yea, I like being able to fish and cook and junk too much to not start in Limsa all over again I think, and it does fit the character more.


Nice to know you'll be around! If you ever see Obsidian Hornet make sure to say hello!

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