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Desynthesis Preview!


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Desynthesis is a new crafting ability that reduces items into to their constituent parts.


Desynthesis can be used on a number of different items including equipment, housing furnishings, and fish.


Using Desynthesis

Each crafting class has its own desynthesis skill level, which affects your chances of successfully breaking down an item, as well as the materials yielded if you succeed.

* Crafting classes below level 30 will have a skill level of 0, and therefore cannot use Desynthesis.


Desynthesis skills for each class are independent, with a maximum level of 100. However, there is a skill point maximum of 300 that applies to all classes combined.

Successfully breaking down an item with Desynthesis will raise your skill level for that class. However, this may also lower the skill level of other classes in certain instances.

* Attempting to exceed the combined 300 point maximum will lower the skill level of other classes.

* Classes level 30 or higher will have a skill level of at least one, which counts toward the combined 300 point maximum.


Retrieving Items

Breaking down an item with Desynthesis will primarily yield materials used to create the item. On occasion, players will also receive special items that can only be obtained through use of Desynthesis.


These special items can then be used in new recipes available in the coming update.




Forgive me as I copy and paste this for people who can't view it.

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