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The Z tribe

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Having recently run through the Sangoli and meeting the U Miqo tribe, I began to wonder where the others are- specifically, the Z tribe (considering my Miqo is a Z).

Are they similar in social structure? Do they also inhabit the desert, but just aren't shown in game?


Where are they?

Where do they hang out?

Where did they come from? Where did they go?

Where did they come from, Cottoneye Joe?

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The short answer is, we don't know. :)


The long answer is, the devs have created a pretty wide-open lore situation for miqo'te. While there are 26 tribes, every tribe has multiple territories, so you have the freedom to write your character's homeland as you see fit. What we do know is that Seekers of the Sun are nominally found on Vylbrand (the Limsa Lominsa area) and in Thanalan. However, only the Forgotten Springs territory of the U tribe is shown in game. The upshot is that two players from the Ziz tribe can be from entirely different places with entirely different upbringings. Perhaps some Ziz tribe players will chime in with what they're doing with their territories?


I've got a thread on Mysterium's forums that summarizes and links to the extant miqo'te dev post lore, as least as far as I know it.


As a side note, the U tribe territory in Forgotten Springs is actually a little variant compared to the written lore, interestingly enough. The rough social structure (one nunh, a few tia, and many breeding females) is the same, but nunh don't typically hold political power per the devs, whereas in Forgotten Springs, the nunh seems to have a pretty significant amount of sway, if not outright leadership.

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