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First 50 soooonz

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Whoop. Kellach will have made 50 WAR in about a month and a half provided I don't half-ass it.


However, something I've noted earlier today is that barely anyone plays the end-main scenario dungeons/trial anymore (I know why - no real reward to doing so and if it wasn't that it was in my quest log and may as well do them at this point just to knock them out of my log) which kind of prevents me from closing out that part of my experience. Usually, I'd get a dungeon pop in barely 3 seconds, whereas for Cape Westwind (trial) I got nothing for a good 10 minutes.


Maybe it was just bad timing, but still.


If anyone wants to offer to help me with these that'd be fine too. I just want to do them once and then join the ranks of those who never have to think about these again.

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Yes Cape Westwind and Castrum Meridianum as well as Praetorium kinda suffer from the fact that they're old content and the older players just don't get as high enough reward to not only finish them but also allow people to enjoy them for the first time (CM and Prae).


10 minutes for Cape Westwind is pretty good imo.


If you go into CM and/or Praetorium I definitely suggest putting into Party finder that you want to enjoy everything, cutscenes and all. Otherwise, even if you are a tank, it's very likely that the rest of the group may push on without you. Or tell you to watch cutscenes in the inn etc.

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10 minutes was the cutoff point where I decided a shower and getting underwear and socks before the stores closed was more important than levelling.


I'll probably have to party finder it. I didn't actually do them nor do I plan on doing them more than once unless necessary. Hell, I don't even mind pushing through them then recap the whole shebang at the inn (probably the only MMO I'll ever say this about but what can I say I cannot get enough of watching my dude).


Maybe I'll do one later tonight if I can get a group going (probably won't be home until 11 I think). At least the trial.

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