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Aren't you that one girl?

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I've been back in game long enough that I thought I should make a post here and say "hello again" to anyone who remembers me and "nice to meet you to" those I haven't met.  


My character's name in 1.0 was Seraphine Winter (also Seraphine Cerius and Seraphine Felstar for a while there) and I've just come back from nearly a year away from the game. For a while I helped run Outer Heaven with a few friends back in the day, Stormguard and Crystalline so if anyone remembers me, its probably from one of those shells. Since 1.0 the game has really changed and its so great to see familiar faces as well as new ones! Its been exciting to see how everyone has progressed in the last year and looking forward to meeting some new RP'ers too!








This time around, I will be playing my miqo'te character, Reiswind A'rath. A very select few might remember her from FFXI, but for those who don't, she is a alchemist, bard, and cook who wrote an interesting cook book called "Intercourses: Modern Cooking for You and a Friend".  Apart from her silly antics and light-hearted personality, I also hope to highlight her career as a doctor and alchemist.  If she is someone who you'd think would be fun to interact with, just let me know!


So how is everyone doing? 


Both Balmung and Gilgamesh going strong?


What's up in the RP world?


I'd love to hear what everyone has been up to on both servers and what adventures there are to be had!

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