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Hello, new kitty on the block

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Hello, my name is Tori and my character's is Talisa Rina.


I am a lvl 50 monk on the Balmug server and just looking for fun role-plays to join.


I haven't done much role-playing in FF14 sadly so I am still trying to give my character a personality. Though I did learn she likes trashy smut books and to explore.


And about me. I am just a simple minded person who has enjoyed Final Fantasy since I was about 12 or 13 it was a long time ago but I still love them and will death stare anyone who insults them. I work with elderly people. Enjoy Good books and my family owns 5 cats.



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Hey there, Tori, welcome to Balmung and the RPC! :D I wish I was allowed to have five cats... or ten... or twenty... At any rate, I'm always glad to RP so feel free to say hello if you see me around!

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Three cheers for trashy smut books -- wait what? I mean, welcome to the RPC! If you're having trouble finding rp and rpers via walking around the world, don't be afraid to take a gander around the Linkshell/FC area, or the wiki to set up something through PMs or whatnot. People here are very friendly to random pms asking to rp (I know this through personal experience), and are just gosh darn friendly in general. It's a lovely community -- I'm sure you'll be involved in no time!


Happy writing. :)

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Thank-you! And I will follow that advise, but I just don't want to leave my FC because I enjoy it.


It's possible, too, that you can always get involved in the activities of FC rps without actually joining one -- and you'll still have access to linkshells. All you have to do sometimes is just reach out and ask! :)

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Don't worry about switching FC's! I'm not even in one and I still have plenty of friends who RP, and am in a few linkshells full of people who do too. If you ever see me in game, please feel free to poke me! I'm usually in character and up for roleplay! So welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon! Uhm, I meant roleplay! <3

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