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A hearty greetings to everyone!

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Hello everyone!


I finally managed to muster up enough courage to finally join the roleplay community officially. The alias is "Dagger", and I currently roleplay as both Raeventiel Beaubonet (A smooth talking thaumaturge with an attitude) & Elarian Faelivrin ( sylph born girl who accidentally altered her shape through strange magics.) 


I hail from the Unsung Heroes FC lead by none other than the ever gracious Elisea Renyven. It is truly a pleasure to meet you all and I certainly hope to be rewarded with the chance to roleplay with all of you. 


...I certainly hope this introduction doesn't come off as too dorky.

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I see Unsung Heroes folks running about all the time! Always a pleasure to have another rper come 'round to the forums to muck about. I'm with Razz -- you ever want to play around in Limsa, you give ol' Zhavi Streetrunner a holler. :3


Welcome to the RPC!


(assuming timezones match)







(timezones suck)

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Greetings to all! I am hoping to meet you all eventually in-game. I've been meaning to expand my friendslist as of late.


The Unsung Heroes are ALL OVER THE PLACE now. We're always doing random roleplay in and outside of the free company. Heck, if you see one of us Unsung Heroes around, don't be afraid to start roleplaying with us.


We're a friendly bunch.

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