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  1. I've actually seen this happen a few times before, though I'm not a bit closer to understanding people who do things like this. :dazed: The thing is though, most people who I see doing this kind of thing aren't actually trolling, they're just (in the nicest way possible) stupid. It's rude, even moreso given the fact that this was at an event. Strolling in and waving your weapon at everyone is generally gonna be met with the same IC, and expecting all present to drop whatever they're doing to get killed or maimed by your op-super-sayain-teleporting-invincible character is just not cool. If i
  2. Hey there! Welcome to the game and the RPC. Getting on to Balmung or Gilgamesh is pretty damn hard at the moment. Your best bet would be to transfer over, as that bypasses the character restriction, if you're willing to pay it. There are lots of super helpful people here if you have any questions, and feel free to PM for anything /wave Enjoy your stay!
  3. Raz


    Hey there - welcome back to the game. Feel free to give me a /poke in game if you see me around.
  4. Welcome back! I'm also just returning from a long hiatus (man, there is just so much new stuff!) Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions (I'll try to help!) or if you simply fancy some RP.
  5. Isabela's handling it... Pretty well, actually, considering she's never even heard of the Au Ra. She's more intrigued by them than anything else, and perhaps slightly nervous around them. Mostly, she'll just stare at them from afar because apparently nobody taught her that's rude. :bouncy:
  6. Isabela thinks that the glass should be half-full with wine (or full-full.) Isabela also thinks that a glass sitting around is likely dirty, and would say something groundbreaking like, "Somebody should clean that."
  7. Congratulations! Autumn is a beautiful name. And welcome back.
  8. Isabela's stomach dropped to her boots, her palms began to sweat, her heart picked up speed. "No," she said, face screwed up like a sulking girl's , and she was surprised by the steady steel in her voice. "I am not marrying anyone, least of all- I'm not." Her parents stood before her. Isabela's mother was a woman of fourty-something summers with an elegant and graceful demeanour. She was dressed impeccably as always - black heeled shoes and a crimson dress that flowed just below the knees, adorned with beautiful gems which glittered in the sunlight pouring in through the window.
  9. Welcome back! If you see Bela around feel free to gimme a poke!
  10. Hey. Welcome! I'm just back from a long break and feeling super nervous to jump back in myself There are lots of EU players on Balmung - myself included. Feel free to hit me up on here or in-game for some RP or whatever else. Enjoy your stay
  11. To be honest, I'm not sure I know a community where these things don't happen, be it in games, RP, forums, real life. It sucks, but people are people. All anyone can truly do is move on.
  12. Raz


    Thanks! Hope to see you around. :-)
  13. Raz


    hey there! I'm Tanner, or Shay, but you can actually call me whatever you like (Godzilla totally works for me.) I'm actually not new to the forums; I used to RP quite frequently until I had to take a break for a good long while. Unfortunately I forgot my log in details, so here I am trying to get back in to the swing of things (a LOT has changed woah):dazed: --MMORPG background Hmm I played a lot of WoW before FF, a little Runescape, ect ect. --RP experience I've been Roleplaying for a few years now! I believe I started with a few of my WoW friends, though that was only fo
  14. Yeah, I'm buying the PS4 version, the beta was a blast. PSN's AtomicShay for anyone else who's getting it. :chocobo:
  15. Awesome idea. Thanks for doing this! I'm sure Vivenne will need something like this at some point.
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