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Making the Switch

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Sometime after this Friday, I will be transferring from Gilgamesh to Balmung whenever the server becomes available (as Chiyo). Things just don't seem the same anymore now that Driftwood Coast, Gilga's biggest FC, has disbanded. It was actually a tough discussion to make, but I'll still be playing there on my rather negligible alt, Riven Stars from time to time. For what it was though, I had a lot of fun there and had made a shit ton of friends along the way. Thanks for the wonder experience, guys. ^^

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I'm sure Balmung will often a great experience for me (it did in the past with my alts), but I've recently made the switch early while the server's still open again and the be honest, I felt like I've left part of something behind, after supporting Gilgamesh for so this long. I've shouldn't have jump so quick. :(   


I'm leaving Adolar Stone in charge of the Berserk LS.

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