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Hail Fellow Well Met!

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Well, this sure is an introductory post.


Hi! I don't actually know how to use forums, really at all, so you'll have to bear with me here. I've been playing FFXIV for just about twenty days now, and I've been on Balmung for about seventeen or so of them. It's my first MMO, and I was lucky to have a good friend (Laughing Lamb on Balmung, to give her a shoutout) who was able to explain everything to me. It's also my first Final Fantasy game, and it took a cumulative 80 or so levels across the servers before I figured out what a Limit Break was and how to use it. 


It's... also kind of my first real jab at role-play. I've sort of played with it before, having one-on-one scenes in Skype or Omegle and things like that, and I even tried a few tabletop games and a twitter community or two (all of which fell apart preeeeetty quickly.)


Segolene Duchamps is where you can find me on Balmung and I'm usually on in the afternoons (Eastern Standard) and she'd also be my first jab at an original character.


I might or might not lurk and post around these forums, but I'm always open for a chat if you PM me or something like that.


I think that's a good introductory post? I don't know. :?

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Is this the same Segolene who was at the Pumpkin Cafe' event just the other night? Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but I swear I recall your unique and lovely name. >^.^<


In any case, welcome! I'm new to this forum as well but it is still nice to see new people to potentially meet and RP with. I do hope you enjoy your time on Balmung (I've had a blast so far!). Maybe I'll see you around in game, though I tend to move around a lot for someone who doesn't really accomplish anything. >_>;;


Also... Don't sweat it on the Limit Break... I got to use it for the first time tonight and... Well, let's just say it wasn't a complete success.

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Well met, indeed! Welcome to FFXIV and Balmung. C: I've had some really wonderful experiences on this server, so I hope you have a great time.


If you ever see Rhesh'ir Zhwan or any other AW-RPers in game, give a wave!



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Welcome to the the forums, the game and rp as well! :) 


I was in the same boat you are earlier in the year, so don't feel too nervous or shy because you will be fine. Everyone's really friendly here, even when we are arguing about one thing or another. :D


And if you have questions, pm someone or ask openly in the forums. Someone will help you for sure.


Again, welcome and I look forward to meeting you in the game sometime.

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Is this the same Segolene who was at the Pumpkin Cafe' event just the other night? 


Right you are, Yune! You can be expecting me at at least the majority of their events, considering I'm now the most important employee of the Café!


The janitor!


But really, I'll be present at their events and things so for people who attend you can expect me to be there most of the time.

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