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Nau wants to pay YOU!


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Yes, you. No, not you. You! Or...




So here's the dealio, y'all. I've got gil! You want gil! You have art! I want art! I don't want gil! You don't want... wait, that doesn't quite follow. Anyway, the point is, I've got a bunch of gil and I want to toss it all away on awesome art. Potential commissions could include any of the following:


- Characters from FFXIV, TERA, WoW, Rift, or WildStar

- Simple portrait busts

- Single-character full-body poses, with or without backgrounds

- 2+ character group shots (and I'd really love to commission a piece of the entire Player Character section of the Hipparion tribe)

- Story-driven emotive works involving one or more characters

- Line art, grey-scale shading, or color!


Or anything else that might strike my or your mind. I'm just really wanting art to cement happy memories of this game (and others).


If you'd be willing to accept my commission (or multiple commissions!), please PM me and/or post in this thread! Prices, of course, are up to the artist, though I'd like them in keeping with price standards set by past gil commission art threads. I'm not going to pay 2 million gil for a head shot. ;)

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... As much as I'm out of practice...


What're you thinking about for the WoW stuff? Cause I'm pretty sure that with a bit of getting back into the groove, I can still churn that sort of stuff out (the semi-realism of XIV, I struggle with developing a style for, for some reason). Panda-People came out after I left the game, so I never had a reason to try my hand at them, but... *shrugs*

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Oh, that's totally understandable!


Regarding the WoW things, I was hoping for a couple two-character portraits (bust up) of my husband and I's characters - a pair of draenei in one, and a Forsaken and a blood elf in the other. Potentially also something involving my Old God-corrupted tauren druid doing evil things... These are just some ideas in my head. xD

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