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  1. Mae

    Comedy in RP: How???

    *lurks in* I've looked through the thread, unfortunately I'm tired so apologies if this has already been said... Comedy relies a lot on perspective, and the perspective that gets to enjoy the most amount of comedy is the perspective of viewers/observers. Take your favorite flavor of comedy movie: to the characters, they're in -fairly serious- situations, but to you in the audience, the chain of events is just hilarious. I firmly believe that it's not that different in roleplay -- target your comedy to the players involved, not the characters. Once you sort of accept that, you start getting to know your audience and from there you can start building a list of tropes (because tropes aren't inherently bad!) that you can a) pull off without wrecking them and b) your regular audience enjoys. As an example, here are some comedic tropes that I think almost anyone can manage to look natural and I always enjoy: Character A and Character B make a $10 bet about situation, situation happens, winning side pays up with no complaint/comment. (Think Steve handing the $20 to Fury in the first Avengers movie) Character A goes out of line-of-sight/offscreen, and then "WAAAAAH!" *CRASH* *BANG* *CRASH* *SMASH* *TIRES SCREECH* *CAT YOWLS* *DISTANT WAIL OF SIRENS* *FIVE SECONDS OF SILENCE* "... I'm okay!" *sound of something breaking* "... Oops..." or "Don't do the thing" *has already done the thing* "... Oops..." or *is touching things* *isn't looking* "Don't touch anything." "What did you do?" "I was irritated." "You do more damage out of simple irritation than most people do in a towering rage..." Character A misunderstands/mishears Character B on something inane/unimportant. "What is this?" "... I thought you said you wanted a watermelon to soothe you?" "I said 'I want a smoothie'..." Characters who plaintively asks "Why me?" often. *slyly* "Trust me." or *slyly* "Would I do that to you, old friend?" Character who has shoulder-length or shorter hair is startled and their hair "poofs up like a startled cat's". Important note: Character does not need to be a cat/normally have cat-like traits/features, in fact this one actually works best when a feline link is not present. Character gets saying/adage wrong. "Remember, we can find north because the bark always grows on the outside of the tree." *five-second blank stare* "... Oh shit, I forgot." *hurries off* Character makes their drink/food inedible to everyone but them. "How do you take your coffee?" "Oh, I'll do it." *pours in enough sugar that coffee is now crunchy* Character is asked/forced to unload their pockets (random items, stolen goods, weapons, etc), and the pile just gets impossibly large for what they should be able to hold. Extra points for "Is that all?" *character sheepishly unloads a few more items/item that should NOT have been able to have been concealed on them/looks like they literally just pulled the last item out of their butt* "Where have you been? I was knocking on your door for a half-hour!" "I think you were knocking on the wrong door." *five minutes later* "... I was knocking on the wrong door..." Character A gives Character B an obviously sarcastic and just as obviously wrong answer to Character B's minor problem. Character B does it anyways, things go bad, Character B returns to Character A and exclaims "I trusted you!" Character A is passionate about a hobby, but completely blind to the fact that they are in fact very bad at said hobby. Surrounding characters don't have it in their heart to tell Character A how bad, and sometimes even terrifying, their completed projects are, and in fact may feel compelled to further encourage or praise their efforts. "I made a butterfly cake for little Cynthia's birthday!" *presents cake that looks like a dismembered... member... laying between two orange-and-green-cheetah flip-flops. With sprinkles* "... Oh... gee, Aunt Mary... this looks... just wonderful. It's too bad, though... you see, some of Cynthia's friends have Celiac's, so we had to get a gluten-free cake. Next year, though?"
  2. Okay. So. I saw it. And... well, I walked out of the theater after the movie not regretting the price of tickets and popcorn. It wasn't amazing, I don't think I can say that it was a solid addition to the overall GitS name, but I didn't feel like I wasted time or money and I think I might've actually regretted it if I didn't see it on the big screen.
  3. Mae

    Chocobo Raising/Aging

    I think this is one of those things where it's kind of hard to balance what we have for lore with game mechanics and real-life examples/comparisons, and then the "it's a fantasy world, real-life means nothing/very little". I'm in the camp that likes to use real-life comparisons to fill in the gaps that the devs left. So... take what you want from my opinion. I think a lot of your initial numbers look good... for chickens. And while it's not uncommon for chocobos to be jokingly called chickens, they seem (at least to me) to have more in common with ostriches, emu, and cassowary. These types of birds take around two years to reach adulthood, up to five to reach physical maturity suitable to breed, can be at breeding peak for up to twenty years, and have a lifespan of up to fifty years. Now... I wasn't able to pull up much information on racing ostriches, so I can only really speculate the next based on what I know about horses. And seeing that the age-ranges sort of match up, I think it's safe to assume that this would be similar. Anyways. The training/breaking process for horses usually doesn't start until they're at least two years old. You can get them used to wearing a halter and having their feet messed with and introduced to a blanket before that, but bridles and saddles (and sometimes shoes) are out of the question before then. And while the breaking/training can be started at this point, horses typically aren't considered really rideable until closer to four years old. Training for racing takes more time and generally you don't want to start racing a horse before it reaches full physical maturity, which happens at around six years of age. So where does this leave us? If we go a more realistic route with horse-to-ostrich-to-chocobo comparisons... a newly-hatched chick likely wouldn't be seeing it's first race until six years old. Which, from and RP perspective, isn't going to be fun for most people to have to RP waiting that long. Even more so in a game where the passage of time is fuzzy -- last I heard back during... I think 2.5... only three or so months had passed in-game from the start of ARR to that point; if that's held true, then we're likely not even gone through nine months yet. The complete opposite side of the spectrum, of course, would be game mechanics. Where if you've got enough time and caffeine in your system, you can breed for a new 'bo, receive the new 'bo already race-ready, level it up, and breed/retire it in less than twenty-four hours. Or twenty-four game-mechanic days, if you wish to consider it that way. Where does that leave us? Well... I'm not really going to argue against the more chicken-appropriate numbers. Given RP'ers attention spans, they're more friendly for most people. So, there's my thoughts on the timing. Something you might find interesting and may want to consider is the brooding habits of ostrich/emu/cassowary. Ostrich are the only ones (of the species that I read about) where the females are solely the ones who incubate eggs -- emu and cassowary both have sub-species where that's the male's part, and the females wander off to breed and lay again. Also, did you consider if the females would lay unfertilized eggs even without mating, or do they only lay after breeding? This could potentially affect whether not a female would even be a viable racer -- I didn't see if ostrich/emu/cassowary do auto-laying, I'm iffy about chickens cause I've heard they auto-lay but personal experience is that a rooster's presence is needed, but I can 100% guarantee that cockatiels auto-lay. If they do auto-lay, it could make it so that the females have a -very- limited racing career. I know with 'tiels, they begin to become moody and nasty a week or two before they lay and remain that way until they 'give up' on the egg, and you -have- to wait for them to give up; remove their egg too early, and they'll just lay another to replace. A similar reaction is why chickens continue to lay as well for an extended period.
  4. Mae

    Looking for a drug dealer

    If you catch her wandering around (or want to poke me here/poke me on my main to secure a time where I'll have her logged in), you can try The Gardener. She's an herbalist type and doesn't normally care about who she's selling things to or why -- and until she's had a lot of meaningful interactions with someone, she doesn't remember them. On a side note, with how the game presents it, I was under the impression that fogweed was more akin to tobacco in its reaction than to pot. Did I miss something? Not trying to start an argument -- I try to keep up with this sort of stuff both for playing Gardener and for personal interest.
  5. Best I could suggest for ROG/NIN is the level 56 Titanium set. There's nothing I can think of that would cross between ROG/NIN and THM/BLM, though.
  6. Mae

    Popcorn in Eorzea?

    The definition of "tomato pie" changes from area to area. In my part of New England, it's typically something you can only find in Greek pizzerias and it's literally a Greek-style pizza with a layer of tomatoes under and on top of the cheese. You order a "pizza with tomatoes" from these same places, and it's only a layer of tomatoes on top of the cheese... something I learned the hard way when I first got out on my own. Imagine my shock when I started traveling and got different things whenever I ordered one. Philadelphia, I got presented with what looked like to me to be a Sicilian-style pizza that had a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese instead of mozzarella on top. Chicago, my experience was that it meant getting a different, vastly chunkier sauce on their deep-dish pizzas. Somewhere in the Midwest, I think Illinois, I got introduced to the (in my opinion) monstrosity that is a pie crust that has a mayonnaise-cream cheese-cheddar cheese "filling" topped with tomatoes, and that is closer in appearance/construction to what we'd call a tart back home. I also sort of learned that Greek-style pizza is not very popular outside of New England. To which I was both pleased and annoyed -- I typically don't like it, but when I get that rare craving for it, I crave it -hard-. Anyways. The game's icon looks like a tart to me, but the ingredients hint more towards a pizza-style to me. I can even justify the "pie crust" as a pizza thing -- some of the Greek pizzerias where I'm from, you have a choice of crusts: regular and "pie crust". The "pie crusts" are thinner, don't puff up as much, and are cooked in different pans with less oil so the bottom doesn't blister and fry. So until SE starts slapping some sort of mayonnaise into the recipe, I'm perfectly fine with people going with the idea that the tomato pie is more of a pizza thing.
  7. Mae


    There's tigers. I'm also 90% positive I've spawned a "Territorial Tiger" recently from doing treasure maps in HW areas that was a similar model.
  8. Mae

    Popcorn in Eorzea?

    I was just pointing out that there's technically not much for food, even modern food, that can be called off-limits for either technique or ingredient requirements. I'm certainly not advocating someone starting up a McEorzea chain, but if Kara was sitting at a campfire with someone and they offered her chopped meat scraps that were pressed together into a disk shape before being grilled and then placed between a couple hunks of bread because there were no plates, I don't think it's even lore-bending enough to raise questions. Yep. You can put all sorts of things on popcorn. I know people who like to sprinkle powdered ranch dressing mix onto theirs. And Ovaltine. Also someone who, instead of butter, uses bacon grease. Me? I liked mine just air-popped plain. Back before I had a three-month period where Dollar Tree boxes of microwave popcorn were all I could afford to buy to cover my lunches. Now, I can't even stand the smell of popcorn.
  9. Mae

    Popcorn in Eorzea?

    I'm very much of the opinion that we can't rely on or expect the Devs to include every single plant, animal, and the like that would make up the game's ecosystems through either inventory items or mentions in quests/leves/etc -- it'd make the game's file size too big. So I run on the assumption that if it's reasonable that something would exist (we have the in-game climates that would support whatever) and/or there are related examples, then until the Devs step in and specifically say that it doesn't exist, it's fair game. And even if they do come out and say something doesn't exist, there's likely something that DOES exist that would make for a decent substitute. Like coffee. I honestly had an argument with someone prior to 2.4 about the existence of coffee. My only way to get them to drop it and stop being disruptive (couldn't /blist, they were an LS member at the time) was to say that it was a coffee substitute made from roasted acorns, which is a real thing. I take a similar approach to how a specific food is made -- if the technology to cook it exists/would be feasible to make in the game's setting, it's fair game. I had a similar argument (with the same person I did with the coffee, actually) over ice cream. They said it wasn't possible without freezers, but all you need to make it is milk, cream, sugar, two seal-able jars of different sizes, ice and rock salt or ice shards, and about twenty minutes. So if you really think about it, there's... not a lot of food that couldn't exist in Eorzea. Off the top of my head... maybe astronaut ice-cream and anything that was specifically made to be cooked only sous-vide style might be 'out'. And maybe waffles, because I don't know how to make an Eorzean waffle iron off the top of my head beyond "magic!". But hamburgers, pizza, french fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon McMuffins, Hot Pockets, doughnuts... they're all actually feasible with the game's represented cooking techniques and inventory items.
  10. While the Cake Tray may be a better competitor, the Starlight Cake resembles my favorite cake so I have to vote for it.
  11. Mae

    Community Full of Cliques

    *lurks in* There's already been a lot of good suggestions regarding being persistent, constant, and networking OOCly, so I've nothing really significant to add to that. What I do have to add might not seem to be the... most helpful or hopeful thing and may even, on the surface, reinforce the "clique" image newbies are seeing. But if you take what I'm about to say as a whole instead of piecemeal, it may help. So... here you are. Brand new, looking to find your first RP session in the game, and you walk into one of the RP hot spots. For the sake of this, we're going to go with the Quicksand because everyone knows about it. As you look around, you see a bunch of silent figures standing around alone-ish on the edges of the room who might be AFK or maybe they're non-RP'ers who just stopped in those spots randomly, or a bunch of other reasons. Either way, you have come to the conclusion (rightful or not) that you're not getting RP from them, so you home in on the group seated around a table who are actively RPing, and you start to approach... Wait. Stop. Don't. Or, at least, stop and don't approach -yet-. Don't even send a /tell yet. Watch and OOCly eavesdrop until you get a reading on the conversation -- ten lines/entries is what I suggest you should aim for as a minimum. If the conversation seems lighthearted, open, or any other situation where, if this was Real Life, it wouldn't seem rude to invite yourself into the conversation, go ahead and approach. Or send your /tell now, if you're feeling nervous. If the conversation, however, seems deep, involved, serious, or any other situation where, if this was Real Life, it would be rude to invite yourself in... don't. Just continue to spectate if there's currently no-one else to try (and if better prospects seem to come up elsewhere, by all means go and take them instead of sitting around), maybe toss out a solo emote to indicate that you are a fellow RPer if you feel the need, but don't become upset if they don't respond, or if they emote back that while they've acknowledged your presence ICly they've no inclination to inviting you to their conversation. Enjoy the show. Maybe after a while the conversation will ease up and the overall mood will shift to something more open and inviting, and that'll be the chance to move in and attempt to engage. Or maybe they're being silent, because the conversation has gone to another chatmode, and you have nothing to work with. Toss out a solo emote of some sort or send someone a /tell, but again don't get upset if they don't respond or they indicate that they're not open to having others join in. Don't bother waiting on this group, just move on. In Real Life, people go out to public places for various reasons. Going into a restaurant and approaching/sitting down at a random table where a family, some friends, or business associates are meeting would be downright rude, whereas joining in on a conversation at the bar is typically acceptable. The same logic and courtesy should apply to in-game RP, and perhaps with a bit more sensitivity -- the game has a much smaller pool of spaces to RP in than an average Real Life town, so we have to share and sometimes make a space double-duty. One table in the Quicksand could end up being a sort of extension of the bar (especially if the bar area is already full), while another table is the more 'private' group, and the tables will switch purpose depending on day and group. What this game does have in its favor over Real Life, though, is a much easier way to identify and contact other players even after they've left your immediate sight. Even if you've opted to not have named displayed on your screen normally, you can click on someone and get their names. If you see some people RPing and you liked what you saw but there's indications that your approach might be "unwelcome" at the time, write those names down. Keep an eye out for them and approach them later with a /tell along the lines of "Hey, I saw you RPing the other night and I was interested, but I didn't want to interrupt. Would you be interested in RPing together sometime?". The worst that would happen (beyond perhaps not getting a response at all, but that could happen for some valid reasons) is that you get informed that they're involved in a closed plot and they can't right now/in the near future. The second worst would be that you get told that it really wasn't that serious of a talk and that you could've jumped in. A bit of politeness, patience, respect for others, and striking up OOC conversations when people aren't busy can go a long way into getting you involved/connected with others than if you barge into a conversation where the reasonable IC and Real Life reaction (should they choose to acknowledge you) would be annoyance at the interruption/intrusion... which can easily feed into you feeling like you just got snubbed by a clique. And, if after waiting a while, nothing seems like a good prospect... go do something else for a bit. Walk away. Don't make a snarky exiting emote, statement, or /tells, cause people remember that. Just go do something else for a while and then come back and try again later, or another day -- the people who you're currently watching/waiting for are adhering to their own schedule, and that schedule is not compatible with your own right now. And always make the decision to walk away -before- you become frustrated/angry/upset. Getting that way only taints your future attempts, and feeds into the 'snubbed' feeling. Another thing, if you're new and you feel like you keep throwing out hooks and no-one is biting... you might need to re-evaluate what it is that you're considering a hook. If you walk in and emote that you're taking a seat a distance away from anyone else and pull out a book/paperwork, or look like you're waiting for someone specific, or in general look -busy-, that can easily be interpreted as... well... you're busy and/or waiting for someone specific. You appear closed off. If I go to a cafe bakery for tea and a pastry and bring a book to read, I'm there to read and don't want to be interrupted. If I go to a cafe bakery for tea and a pastry, don't bring a book, and see someone else sitting there reading a book, I'm not going to bother them because I assume that, like me, they're there to read and wouldn't appreciate being interrupted. TL;DR: When you go into a hotspot/event looking to make connections/find RP when you're new, take a few minutes to read the room first and then imagine that it's a Real Life restaurant. Aim for the 'bar' RPers, respect the 'sitting in a booth in the dining room' RPers. Make notes on who's RP you liked watching, and try to contact them at a later time when they're not overtly busy if they were one of the 'booth' RPers. And if prospects aren't currently looking good, go do something else for a while before you get frustrated. *lurks away*
  12. Met X'elo originally through the old Sega of America forums back when PSO ep1&2 still had Gamecube servers, years later he was a guest at my wedding and we've had a couple other vacations/extended visits. Met another friend from PSO that I'd kept in contact with a couple years ago -- husband and I were driving through Statesville NC to do a delivery in... Georgia, I think, and we had some spare time. Met two guildmates from WoW over eight years ago, when husband, friend, husband's little sister, and I decided to call out sick from work/school and take a trip down to NYC for a book signing.
  13. Was out doing deliveries on Saturday, stopped to grab lunch at a McDonalds and was standing in line behind two cops when I happened to notice they were both messing with their phones. I peek over one's shoulder and... Yup. Both playing Pokemon. Had a lovely chat with them while we waited over fifteen minutes for our orders. Neither had ever played a Pokemon game before (and really, neither had I but I at least was more familiar with the franchise), so it was REALLY HARD not to laugh when one of them showed me what he thought was his best Pokemon and it turned out to be a 10CP Magikarp. His reasoning was that it had a crown, so it had to be good >_>
  14. My dog isn't very good at this game...
  15. Mae

    discussion Mounts and Minions

    Kara has... three mounts, if you count her racer, IC'ly. The first is Dumpling, her GC chocobo. She actually dislikes Dumpling quite a bit; he's a very stupid bird that spends most of his time trying to do an ostrich impression. She uses him very rarely, and... honestly I don't remember where he's IC'ly stabled anymore. I can probably at this point consider Dumpling to have been repo'd by the Flames. She's much more fond of her racer, Outlaw. Unfortunately, she hasn't found a way to sneak him out of the Saucer's stables yet. And then, she has Max. Max was meant to be one of those "white elephant" gifts -- a puppy to annoy her. She actually became very fond of the little blue-gray puppy (the wolf pup minion). Of course, like all puppies, it had to start growing up... and surprisingly, Max got even big enough for Kara to ride (Ixal direwolf mount). But as he grew, something odd started to become noticeable about Max. The first being that his coat turned blue. The second being that, even at this point and his size, he hadn't grown into his paws yet -- they were still oversized. Which lead to people asking "What sort of dog IS that..? as he continued to grow. Turns out, Max is an Abalathian Hoarhound (Fenrir mount). Going back to the horses thing... I could've sworn that during the 2014 event, there was dialogue SOMEWHERE in the course of the event that insinuated that horses were prohibited from the Twelveswood by the Elementals. Possibly a rumor the 'bo handlers were known to spread around so that they could keep the monopoly on mounts.